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A Collective Fallacy - on ecclesiastical presumption in a day of public breakdown - The Assembly

A Female Figure - on a feminine or female figure of the Lord - Christ

A New Start - on what the believer has that is new – The Faith

A Pastor's Work - what a true pastor is according to the Scriptures – Signs & Gifts

A Perfect Man - on how Psalm 16 shows that the Lord Jesus Christ was a perfect man in the sight of God; includes a second article "The Perfect Man"; includes a second article "The Perfect Man" - Devotional

A Preacher of the Old School - on death – The Gospel

A Radical Religion - on extremism - Miscellaneous

A Right Balance - on the relative worth of the soul and the body - Miscellaneous

A Share in Shame - on suffering for the testimony - Miscellaneous

A Striking Parallel - on the parallel between the period that terminated with the rejection of Christ by Israel and the period that ends with the judgments which will attend the public return of the Lord from heaven - Things To Come

Abdication - on why we are individually responsible to follow Christ and why clerisy runs counter to this - Practical

Abide in Me - on the importance of abiding in the Lord Jesus Christ - Practical

Abraham's Seed - on the authority of the Bible in relation to God's promise to Abraham that his seed would be as the stars of heaven - The Bible

Acceptance – on whether we are asked to accept the sacrifice of Christ - The Faith

All Israel - on how Ezekiel 37 shows that all Israel shall be saved - Things To Come

Altars or Cities - on the spiritual significance of cities and altars in Genesis and who built them - Miscellaneous

Altogether Lovely - on the loveliness of Christ - Devotional

Altogether Lovely - on the perfect beauty of Christ associated with His manhood; a slightly different version of the article above - Devotional

An Apostle's Fears - on false doctrine - Miscellaneous

An Appeal to the Saints - an appeal to the saints regarding worldliness – The World

An Earnest Appeal - on the need for faithfulness and zeal in the present day - Miscellaneous

Andrew – on the brother of the apostle Peter - Character Studies

Anger or Action - on why righteous anger must be accompanied by action - Miscellaneous

Apollos – on a man who was powerful in the Scriptures - Character Studies

Apron Factories - on how some Churches are supporting a false gospel of self-righteousness - The Gospel

Are You Growing - on the characteristic signs of Christian growth - Practical

As for Me - article on Psalm 17 verses 14 and 15, and how it relates to the hope of the believer - Practical

Ask at Home - on how it is not permitted for women to speak in the assembly but instead to ask their husbands at home - Practical

Asleep in Christ - on death for the Christian, the fear of death, the sin of death and the grief of death - The Faith

Atonement and Reconciliation – what the Bible teaches on atonement and reconciliation - The Gospel

Authentic Christianity - on how authentic Christianity is marked by perseverance in the teaching and fellowship of the apostles, and in breaking of bread and prayers; also a second article "The Apostle's doctrine" - The Assembly

Authentic Conversion - on what the Bible teaches about authentic conversion; four articles "Authentic Conversion", "Changed", "Conversion" and "What is Conversion?" – The Gospel

Authority - on the authority of Scripture (the Bible), and how tradition, ministry and the Church have no authority outside Scripture - The Bible

Authority and Power – article on the divine Word and the divine power - The Bible

Authority and Power - on the need for the child of God to have divine authority for his path and divine power to pursue it - The Bible

A Word of Warning - on the need for fidelity to Christ in these last, closing days - Practical

Baptism - on what the Bible teaches about the subject of baptism - The Faith

Be in Peace - on peace among the saints - Practical

Believing God - on why we must believe God, not merely believe in God - The Gospel

Beware of Old Prophets - on fellowship as illustrated by 1 Kings 13 - The Assembly

Beyond Debate - on homosexuality - Miscellaneous

Biblical Authority – on the absolute authority of the Holy Scriptures - The Bible

Body Piercings and the Bible - Earrings and nose rings in the light of Scripture - Practical

Borderers - the history of the two and a half tribes who did not cross the Jordan to take an inheritance in the Promised Land - Practical

Builders - on the need for edification, the practical, positive building up of other believers - Practical

Burial and Cremation - on why cremation is not Christian, and is a denial of the truth of resurrection - Practical

But Thou - on the apostle Paul's final exhortations to Timothy - Miscellaneous

Calling and Faith - on the connection between divine calling and faith as illustrated in the life of Abraham - The Faith

Cancel Culture - on why ostracization has no place in Christianity except as it relates to the apostolic doctrine - Practical

Care for Others -on Christian giving, liberality and generosity - Practical

Character Studies - Miscellaneous

Chastisement - on the dangers of despising chastening or of fainting under it - Practical

Children and Sons - on the difference between our place as the children of God and our place in sonship - The Faith

Christ and Politics - on why Christians should refrain from involvement in politics - Practical

Christ and The Scriptures - on the relationship between Christ and the Scriptures; two articles with the same title – The Bible

Christ in all the Scriptures - on how Christ can be found in every part of the Bible - Devotional

Christ or Nothing - the grave danger facing Jewish disciples abandoning Christ and Christianity and returning to Judaism - The Faith

Christ or the World – on the evil of worldliness in a professing Christian - The World

Christ or the World - (second article) on worldliness among Christians being a source of sorrow to the faithful - The World

Christ, the Motive in Service - on how Christ must be the Christian's only motive in service -  Devotional

Christian Friends - on the character of true Christian friendship - Practical

Christian Giving - Christian giving as taught by precept and example in the Bible - Practical

Christian Sacrifices - the sacrifices suited to saints of today in contrast to the saints of a past dispensation - The Faith

Christians as Priests - on the priesthood of all Christians - Worship

Citizens of Heaven - on how the Christian is not of this world but a citizen of heaven - Practical

Commended - on the saints specially commended by Paul in Romans 16 - Miscellaneous

Consider Your Ways - on how believers need to consider their ways in the light of the experiences that God is passing them through - Practical

Conversation - on how our conversation or manner of life should be in accord with our conversion - Practical

Complications - on complications in relation to adultery and divorce - Practical

Confession - on what the Bible teaches on the subject of confession - Practical

Confession - on the teaching of the first epistle of John as regards the need of confession for the believer who has sinned - Practical

Conscience under Attack - what the Bible has to say about conscience - The Faith

Conviction – what the Bible says about conviction - The Gospel

Cremation's Testimony - on the testimony of cremation being the denial of resurrection - Practical

Crisis in Preaching - on why the plain and simple preaching out of the Bible is sometimes failing - Evangelism

Crucifixion - on what the Bible has to say about crucifixion, the cross of Christ and the believers cross - The Faith

Daily Reading - also includes "Bible Study" and "Bible Reading"; on the need for daily reading of the Bible – The Bible

Daniel and the Law - on how what God says always takes precedence over the law of man - Practical

Deadly Doctrine - New Testament teaching demonstrating that the Christian is not under law but under grace, and that the separation of the law into moral and ceremonial parts is not valid. Includes a second article "From Law to Liberty" describing the difficult transition from law to grace for the first Christians – The Faith

Debt Forgiven – a short story illustrating how God in Christ has paid our debt - The Gospel

Decision - on the critical decisions made as youth passes into adulthood - Practical

Decided - on the need for Christians to know and be decided about what they believe - Miscellaneous

Decline - on spiritual decline - Miscellaneous

Decline - on four questions posed for the believer in the book of Job - Practical

Denominational Co-operation - how denominational co-operation conflicts with the doctrine of the one body of Christ - The Assembly

Development - on the fact that Scripture asserts that divine revelation is complete - The Bible

Differences of Opinion - on differences in opinion among Christians - Miscellaneous

Distinctive – on keeping His Word - The Bible

Divine Approval - Paul's advice to Timothy on how to study to show thyself approved unto God  - Miscellaneous

Divine Communications - an examination of the communications used by God in the book of Acts, including angels and visions - Miscellaneous

Divine Features - on how God, despite being a spirit, is described in the Bible in the familiar terms of a body - God & Father

Divine Love - on the love of God, the love of the Father, the love of Christ and the love of the brethren - God & Father

Divorce - the Devil's Delusion - what the Bible teaches on marriage and divorce - Practical

Draw Near - on why the Christian should always draw near to God, even when he has failed - Practical

Ears of Obedience - on the perfection of the Son of God in following the will of the Father - Christ

Ekklesia - what the Bible teaches as to the ekklesia - the Church or Assembly - The Assembly

Elders: The Real Deal - on why all the qualifications for eldership must be met before one can be regarded as an elder - Signs & Gifts

Epistles of Christ - on how Christians are epistles or letters of Christ, and hence a testimony for Christ in the world - Evangelism

Established in the Gospel - the Gospel as outlined doctrinally in the epistle to the Romans: the importance of knowing how God has fully dealt with both sin and sins in the death of Christ - The Gospel

Eternal Punishment - also includes "The Ethics of Hell". On how the Bible teaches eternal punishment and not universalism or annihilationism – The Faith

Eternity - on what the Scriptures have to say about eternity - Things to Come

Evangelism - on what evangelism means - Evangelism

Exhortation - on the meaning of exhortation - Miscellaneous

Exposing Error  - on why it is right to expose error - Miscellaneous

Facing the Facts - a warning about the spiritual state of God's people as gathered together - The Assembly

Faith and Miracles - why faith in God is more important than miracles – Signs & Gifts

Faithful Preaching - on faithful preaching for God as illustrated by Noah - Evangelism

Far Apart In Spirit - Obadiah as contrasted with Elijah – Character Studies

Fashion -on the Christian's attitude to fashion - Practical

Feet Washing - on our service as Christians to one another and the cleansing power of the Word of God - Practical

Felix - on how the apostle Paul confronted Felix the Roman governor - Character Studies

Fellowship Today - a Review - a review of how fellowship is to be realised among Christians today - The Assembly

Fervency - on fervency and burning desire in evangelism; also includes "The spirit of the Evangelist" - Evangelism

Fighting for the Faith - on contending earnestly for the faith once delivered to the saints - The Faith

Filled with The Holy Spirit – on what it means to be filled with the Holy Spirit - The Holy Spirit

First-hand Faith - on the need for first-hand faith rather than borrowed faith - Miscellaneous

First Love - on how the Assembly or Church at Ephesus had left their first love - Practical

Fishers of Men - on what it means to be an effective Gospel worker - Evangelism

Flesh or Spirit? - includes a second article "Who is in control?"; on how Christians can act either in the flesh or in the Spirit - The Assembly

Four Gospels not One - a brief comparison on how Matthew, Mark, Luke and John present Christ - Christ

Four Men - on the four men in Scripture who never die - The Gospel

Freedom from Sin - on how the believer gets practical deliverance from sin - The Faith

Free from Sickness - on the misinterpretation of Matthew 8: 16, 17 to support the false idea that Christians ought to be free from sickness - Practical

Fruitful Branches - on how the believer needs to abide in Christ, the true vine, as taught in John chapter 15 - Practical

Fully Engaged - on how Scripture teaches that all Christians are in full-time service to Christ - Practical

Gift - Its Use and Abuse - also includes a second article "All Hands on Deck". On what the Bible teaches as regards the use and abuse of spiritual gift – Signs & Gifts

Giving Our Best - on God's claims on the believer - Practical

Go to Them - on the importance of going out to the unsaved rather than being taken up with getting them in - Evangelism

God and Man - on the importance of not going beyond Scripture in relation to the person of the Christ - Christ

God and Translation - on the limitations of translation – The Bible

God is One - what the Bible says about the oneness of God compared to the tritheistic tendencies of some Christians – God & Father

God's Dwelling Place - what the Bible teaches as regards God's dwelling place - The Assembly

God's Family - on what the Bible teaches about the family of God - Miscellaneous

God's Great Gift - on what it means to have the Holy Spirit indwelling within -  The Holy Spirit

God's Works - on the perfection of God's creatorial works - Creation

God's Words - the Word of God, The Bible and Inspiration - the Bible

God Working - on how it is not the preacher that wins souls but God - Evangelism

Good News for the Lost – how the Gospel is good news for the lost - The Gospel

Gospel Preaching - modern evangelism emphasises getting people in to hear the Gospel, but Scripture teaches that Christians are to go out to the unconverted - Evangelism

Grace - two articles on how the Bible defines grace – The Faith

Grace and Government – on what the Bible teaches as to grace and government - The Faith

Great Things - on why today is not necessarily a day of small things - Miscellaneous

Has Every Believer received the Holy Spirit? – on how reception of the Holy Spirit is a characteristic feature of Christianity - The Holy Spirit

He does All things Well - on the perfect works of the Lord Jesus Christ - Devotional

Headship – on the truth of headship in regards to God, Christ, man and woman as taught in the Bible and its symbolism - The Faith

Heaven - on what the Bible teaches about Heaven - Things To Come

Heirs Together - a model Christian couple: Aquila & Priscilla - Practical

Hindrances to Fellowship - on the difficulties of fellowship in the present day - The Assembly

Hints on the Prayer Meeting - includes a second article "Crisis in the Prayer Meeting Meeting"; hints on how a Christian should approach the prayer meeting - The Assembly

His Name - on the uniqueness and preciousness of the name of Christ - Devotional

Hold Fast - on what it means to hold fast in the context of the apostle John's letter to the assembly in Philadelphia - The Assembly

Holy and True - on the special danger facing the Church in Philadelphia: a false concept of brotherly love - Practical

Hope - on the hope of the Christian - Things to Come

Hospitality - on the need for hospitality among the saints - Practical

How He Came - on the lowliness and wonder of the incarnation - Devotional

How Heresy Begins - on the dangers of heresy - Miscellaneous

How will You Die? –  on the importance of dying in faith - The Gospel

Ignoring God - on the danger of ignoring God and acting as if He did not exist - from the prophet Zephaniah - Miscellaneous

Imputed Righteousness - what the Bible teaches as to imputed righteousness as contrasted with orthodox theology – The Gospel

In Christ - Paul before Agrippa: How Paul kept what he was in Christ before his mind rather than his earthly circumstances - Miscellaneous

In His Name or Just a Claim? - on Matt. 18: 20 - The Assembly

In His Steps - on 1 Peter 2: 21-23 - Devotional

In My Name - what it means to pray in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ - Practical

Indifference – on the peril of indifference to the Gospel of Christ - The Gospel

Infallible Leadership - a denunciation of popery in all its forms - Miscellaneous

Inside and Outside - on the parallel truths of being within the veil and outside the camp - The Faith

Inventions - on the difference between the Christian, who is a discoverer, and fallen man, who is an inventor - Miscellaneous

Is Christ Everything? - Christ in His proper place among the saints -  Devotional

Is He in the Company? - on Luke 2: 42-52 - The Assembly

Isolation - on combining a narrow path with a wide heart - Practical

Israel's Enemies - on Israel's enemies in the Old Testament and their relevance for the Christian - The Faith

It is Written - on how the object of the enemy's attack is always the Word of God - the Bible

Jehovah's Feasts - the history of Israel set out in the Seven Feasts of Jehovah (otherwise known as the feasts of the Lord) in Leviticus 23 - Things to come

Jesus - on the Lord's earthly name of Jesus, and how it is not generally used in the epistles apart from a few exceptions - Christ

John and Elijah - on the relationship between John the Baptist & Elijah the prophet – Things to Come

John the Baptist – on why of those born among women, there was no greater prophet than John the Baptist - Character Studies

Jonathan – on the life of Jonathan, son of Saul and friend of David - Character Studies

Jonathan - on the importance of the Saviour rather than salvation being our object - Devotional

Joseph's Bones - on Hebrews 11: 22 and the teaching concerning Joseph's remains - Miscellaneous

Just a Denomination - on how the sense of only one fellowship has been progressively lost - The Assembly

Just Me - on the dangers of a saint thinking he is indispensable to God - Miscellaneous

Justification - the doctrine of justification in the Holy Scriptures; also includes a second article "Justification's Threefold Cord" – The Gospel

Justified from All Things - Acts 13: 38, 39 and how the believer in Christ is justified from all things in which he could not be justified in the law of Moses - The Gospel

Lazy Listeners - on being unaffected by the Word of God– The Bible

Learn from Me - on how it is essential that Christians come under the teaching of the Lord Jesus Christ - Christ

Leaven - four articles: "Leaven", "The Holy, the True", "Dealing with an Infection" and "Privilege and Responsibility"; on the Scriptural doctrine of leaven - The Assembly

Leaven - on why the loaves of the feast of Pentecost were baken or baked - Miscellaneous

Left Behind - on what the Scriptures teach as regards the so-called partial rapture theory – Things to Come

Leprosy - on the spiritual significance of the disease of leprosy as taught in Scripture - The Faith

Lessons from Lot - lessons for the believer in the life of Lot, the brother of Abraham - The World/Character Studies

Liberty - on Romans 14:1-15:7 - The Bible

Light at Home - on the practical light of Christianity shining out from a believer's home - Practical

Living by Faith - on how the Christian is to live by faith - Practical

Living Water - on Christ as the living water - Miscellaneous

Loops of Blue - on being balanced - Miscellaneous

Lost in Generalities - on why a vague testimony is ineffective - Miscellaneous

Love for Christ - on what it means to love Christ - Devotional

Love not the World - the story of Lot as a picture of the back-sliding Christian and the world – The World/Character Studies

Love towards All the Saints - on partiality - The Assembly

Maranatha – on the use in Scripture of the word maranatha - Things to Come

Matthew – on why the apostle Matthew, the disciple of Jesus Christ, was chosen to write the gospel that bears his name - Character Studies

Mavericks or Party Men? - on how Noah, Abram, Moses, Elijah, Paul, Luther, Whitfield and Spurgeon were all mavericks and not party men - Miscellaneous

Mercy and Grace – on what the Bible teaches as to the grace of God and the mercy of God - The Faith

Ministerial Muddles - on what the Bible has to say about service, gift and clericalism – Signs & Gifts

Moral Fitness - on the moral condition suited to enlightenment in the ways and counsels of God - Practical

Morality - on absolute and relative morality - Miscellaneous

Mordecai the Jew - on the faithfulness of Mordecai the Jew – The Bible

Mouth to Mouth - on how modern telecommunications are not a substitute for presence - Practical

Muddled Comfort - on the importance of distinguishing between the blessedness of falling asleep in Jesus and the Christian's hope - Practical

Music, Hymns & Youth - what the Bible teaches on the use of musical instruments in Christian praise and worship - Practical

Mutuality - a characteristic of real fellowship - The Assembly

Naaman –  on how the cure of Naaman from leprosy was also accompanied by a spiritual change - Character Studies

Neutrality - on the evil of neutrality in relation to the things of God (2 John 10, 11) - The Assembly

Nicodemus – on the progress in the soul of Nicodemus, the ruler and Pharisee who came to Jesus by night (John 3) - Character Studies

No more Conscience of Sins – the work of Christ as giving the believer no more conscience of sins - The Gospel

No Second Chance - on the fact that there is no second chance of salvation after the rapture for those who have rejected Christ but also on how others will be blest - The Gospel

Not for All - on the dangers of some Church meetings being only for a selective few - The Assembly

Nothing Else Counts - on why, for the Christian, Christ is everything - Devotional

Not Just Jesus - what the Bible teaches us about how the Lord Jesus Christ should be addressed - Christ

Not One of Us - on our attitude to those Christians with whom we are not formally linked - The Assembly

Not Lawful - on John the Baptist, the latter-day Elijah who stood faithful to Scripture with respect to the marriage of Herod - Practical

Not With Us - on our attitude to those Christians with whom we are not formally linked - The Assembly

Numbers - on the importance of assembly numbers if we are to maintain what is collective and comments on the reasons for declining numbers - The Assembly

Obadiah - on the character of Obadiah as contrasted with Elijah – The World

Obedience at All Costs - on how the Christian must be marked by complete obedience to the Lord - Miscellaneous

Obedience – on how Acts 5: 32 relates to the obedience of the Gospel and not to obedience to 2 Tim. 2: 19 - The Holy Spirit

Observed Unawares - on the little-known fact that angels watch Christian behaviour - Miscellaneous

One Assembly - five articles: "One Assembly", "Just One Company", "One Church or Two?", "The Assembly and the Assemblies" and "In Each City". On how the Scriptures teach that there is but one assembly - The Assembly

One Authority - on the authority of Scripture - on why the Scriptures are the Christian's sole authority - The Bible

One Day - on one day in the life of the Lord Jesus Christ as recorded in Mark's Gospel chapter one - Devotional

One Fellowship - on the fact that there is only one Christian fellowship in Scripture - the fellowship of God's Son - The Assembly

One People - on why racism is incompatible with the truth of the mystery - Practical

Opinions or Truth? – on the difference between man's opinions and God's truth - The Faith

Other Christians - on how Christians should regard other believers with whom they are not ecclesiastically linked - Practical

Our Greatest Need - on the knowledge of God being the greatest need of the Christian – The Faith

Our Hope - on why the coming of the Lord Jesus for us is our hope and not our going to be with Him - Things to Come

Our Standard and Our Hope - on the Christian standard and the Christian hope - Miscellaneous

Our True Hope - on the true hope of the Christian being Christ coming out of heaven to take him back to heaven - Things to Come

Outside the Camp - on the meaning of the expression outside the camp in the book of Hebrews; different to the article below - The Assembly

Outside the Camp - a second, different article to the previous; on the meaning of Hebrews 13: 10-14 - the doctrine of being "outside the camp" - The Assembly

Partnership - on how fellowship is not just sharing but partnership - The Assembly

Paul's Ministry in Acts - why Paul's ministry in Acts did not include the mystery - Miscellaneous

Peerless – on the utter superiority of God's Word over man's writings - The Bible

Pentecost - on the teaching of the feast of pentecost or weeks - Miscellaneous

Personal- on the importance of a living, personal link with the Lord - Miscellaneous

Pharaoh's Negotiations - on Satan's efforts to get the people of God to compromise - Miscellaneous

Plain Preaching - on the need for direct and straightforward proclamation of the truth - Evangelism

Plain Scripture - some plain Scriptures about practical subjects such as drunkenness and divorce - Miscellaneous

Possession - on real possession of our inheritance in Christ - Practical

Powerful Doctrine - on the power of the doctrine of the free forgiveness of sins through the finished work of Christ - Evangelism

Practical Christianity - on what the Scriptures teach us as regards practical Christianity - Practical

Praise and Pride - on the dangers of praise and pride for the Christian; two articles: "Praise and Pride" and "The Danger of Pride" - Practical

Prayer Subjects - on what the apostle Paul prayed about - Practical

Precious in the Lord - on the Christian's attitude to death - Practical

Precious Prophecy - on the value of prophecy – Things to Come

Present Ministry - on the need for a ministry of Christ - Miscellaneous

Proclaim the Word - on the necessity of preaching the Word of God despite men turning away from it - The Gospel

Profession and Practice - on the history of Samson as a nazarite to God – The World/Character Studies

Profitable Study - on the interpretation of Scripture and how it differs from application and spiritualizing - Practical

Propitiation - on what the Bible teaches about propitiation - The Faith

Providence or Faith? - a comparison of Providence and Faith – The Faith

Questions - on the questions young Christians ask their elders - Practical

Rahab the Harlot - evangelical teaching from the account of Rahab the Harlot in Scripture - Character Studies

Real Fellowship - includes a second article "Spiritual Fellowship";includes a second article "Spiritual Fellowship"; two articles: one on real fellowship, the other on spiritual fellowship - The Assembly

Redemption – the Biblical doctrine of redemption - The Gospel

Remember the Poor - what the Bible says about caring for the poor and needy among God's people and in society in general - Practical

Repentance and Sorrow - on how repentance is a change of mind about self and about God and is not simply sorrow for sin - The Gospel

Repentance - Is it Relevant? – why repentance is a fundamental part of the Christian Gospel - The Gospel

Sabbaths and Sundays - on distinguishing between the Sabbath and the Lord's Day - Miscellaneous

Saints or Sinners? on how Scripture refers to Christians as saints and not forgiven sinners - The Faith

Satisfaction - on satisfaction being only found in Christ - Devotional

Satisfied Saints - on having a heart for that which really matters - Practical

Saving Faith - on what saving faith really is; also includes a second article "Saving faith - What is it?" – The Gospel

Science or Scripture - on why science must be in accord with Scripture - Creation

Sectarianism - on what the Scriptures teach as to sects, denominations, schisms, one body, one faith and one Spirit - The Assembly

Separation - on how separation is taught throughout Scripture - Practical

Serviceable to Him - on what the Bible teaches as regards sanctification – The Faith

Sickness - on how God uses sickness to teach both believers and unbelievers - Practical

Sighing and Crying - on the Christian having a right attitude to the ungodliness of Christendom - Miscellaneous

Sins - Covered or Gone? – how the Bible teaches that the believer's sins are not covered (as in the Old Testament atonement) but gone - blotted out - The Gospel

Sins taken Away - on the teaching of Scripture of sins never being remembered anymore – Things to Come

Soul Winning - the simplicity of soul winning or evangelism in the New Testament - Evangelism

Sound Preaching - on the centrality of God's righteousness in the Gospel - The Gospel

Sovereign Mercy - on God's sovereignty and Man's responsibility - The Faith

Sowing and Reaping - on sowing and reaping in relation to Christian evangelism - Evangelism

Speaking for God - on why the preacher of the Gospel should actually be speaking for God - Evangelism

Spend and be Spent - the effect of grace practically - Practical

Spiritual Diagnosis - on discerning what is the issue that prevents a soul from coming to Christ - Evangelism

Stance and State - on how a correct ecclesiastical condition may not correspond with one's moral and spiritual state - the Assembly

Strange Fire - on the strange fire that Nadab and Abihu offered to God - Worship

Suffering for Faith - on what the Bible says about the believer suffering for his faith - Practical

Sunshine - on how Christ is central to everything - Devotional

Sweat - what the Bible teaches about sweat, and its relationship to sin, and the work of the Lord Jesus Christ on the cross - Miscellaneous

Tactless Testimony - on how the Bible does not flatter man but shows him up for the sinful creature he is - The Bible

Tale-Bearing -on the dangers of gossiping -  Practical

Tattoos - on what the Bible teaches regarding tattoos - Practical

Teenage Dilemma - a message for teenagers growing up in a Christian home – The Gospel

Terms and Conditions - on how the apostolic doctrine must always govern the terms and conditions of fellowship - The Assembly

That's Only Your Interpretation! – on views, opinions and interpretations of the Word of God - The Bible

The Absence of Christ - on the effect of the absence of Christ on the soul of a believer - Devotional

The Advocate - on the teaching of the first epistle of John as regards Christ as the Advocate of the believer - The Faith

The Age Old Question of Elders - what the Bible teaches about elders, bishops & overseers – Signs & Gifts

The Approved - on those who God approves in contrast to those who are sectarian - The Assembly

The Ark of the Testimony - on the ark of the covenant as a picture of the testimony of the Christ - Evangelism

The Armour of God - on the Christian armour or panoply of God as described in the New Testament - Practical

The Beginning and the End - a comparison of Genesis & Revelation - Miscellaneous

The Blessed Hope - on how the blessed hope is the hope of Christ's return for the believer - Things To Come

The Blood of Atonement – a short story on how God provided the blood of the atonement through His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ - The Gospel

The Book and the Soul - on how ministry must flow from the Bible to the Soul – The Bible

The Brazen Serpent - the New Testament teaching of the Old Testament type of the brazen serpent - The Gospel

The Burial of the Patriarchs - on the importance of burial in the book of Genesis, in the lives of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob - Practical

The Christian Priesthood - on the Christian Priesthood as distinguished from the priesthood of Aaron and the priesthood of Christendom - The Faith

The Christian and the State - on the relationship of the Christian to the state, government and rulers - Practical

The Church Gone Grey - on the need for a black and white approach to truth and sin - The Assembly

The Church in Ruins - on the failure of that which is corporate - The Assembly

The Church's Path - on walking the path with Christ - The Assembly

The Cost - on the importance of new converts to Christianity counting the cost - The Evangelism

The Cross - on what is displayed at the cross of Calvary - Devotional

The Dark Ages - on a spiritual dark age that is descending on Christendom as regards the truth of the mystery, the truth of the Lord coming again, and the truth of being justified by faith - The Faith

The Divine Servant - on Phil. 2: 5-8 - Devotional

The Divine Registry - spiritual lessons from the Divine registry of Ezra chapter two - Miscellaneous

The Eight Signs of John - on why the apostle John speaks of signs and not miracles in his Gospel and what these signs mean - Christ

The End of the Lord - the Lord's end (or objective) in his dealings with Job and its relevance to the Gospel - The Gospel/Character Studies

The Enigma of Eternal Life – on what the Bible has to say about Eternal Life  - The Faith

Theology or Revelation - on how all we know of God is by revelation and how theology adds nothing to our understanding - God & Father

The Faith Once Delivered – on the faith once delivered to the saints - Jude verse 3 - The Faith

The Fall: Fact or Fiction? – on what the Bible teaches about the fall of man - The Gospel

The Fantasy of Free Will – on how the doctrine of free will is in conflict with the Word of God - The Faith

The Father's Love – what the Scriptures say about the love of the Father - God & Father

The First Epistle or Real Faith - on the message of the Epistle of James - The Faith

The First Genealogy - spiritual lessons from the genealogy of Adam; also includes "The Last Genealogy" and "The Thousand Years" - Miscellaneous

The First Prophet and His Prophecy - on Abel and the Gospel - The Gospel

The First Resurrection – on what the Bible says about the first resurrection - The Faith

The Food of Life - Christ in His death as food for the soul (John 6) - Christ

The Future - on the future for the believer and unbeliever - Things to Come

The Evangelist - on the gift of the evangelist in relation to the Assembly - Evangelism

The Good Way – on the divine remedy for departure from God's Word - The Bible

The Gourd and The Gospel - on how God used a gourd to teach Jonah and the lessons this has with respect to the preaching of the Gospel in our day - Evangelism

The Gospel and It's Presentation - the Gospel or Glad Tidings of Christ in relation to God's sovereignty and Man's responsibility – The Gospel

The Gospel in the Gospels plus a sequel: My Gospel - on Paul's Gospel - The Gospel

The Guest Chamber - on the place where the Lord was made welcome - The Assembly

The Heart - two articles examining the central importance of the heart in true faith in God – The Gospel

The Hidden Manna - on the hidden manna and the new stone given to the overcomer in the address to Pergamos in the book of Revelation - Things to Come

The Holy Scriptures - on the need for reverence in reading the Word - The Bible

The Hope - on the hope of the Christian: Christ's coming again– Things to Come

The King of Terrors - on the defeat of death, the king of terrors - The Gospel

The Incarnation - on the Word become flesh - Christ

The Iniquity of the Amorites - on the iniquity of the Amorites and its relevance in assessing the moral collapse in today's world - Things to Come

The Jordan - on the typical meaning of the crossing of the Red Sea by the children of Israel - The Faith

The Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of the Heavens – The Kingdom

The Knowledge of the Father – the knowledge of the Father not known in Israel but known in Christianity - God & Father

The Land of Promise - on why God's promises to Israel regarding the land will be fulfilled literally to them, and are not fulfilled in the Church - Things to Come

The Last Epistle - why the epistle of Jude is the the last epistle in Scripture. - Things to Come

The Laying on of Hands – on what the Bible teaches as to the laying on of hands - Signs & Gifts

The Lion's Den - Daniel – Character Studies

The Lord Himself - on why the Lord's coming is not just an event but about a person, the Lord Jesus Christ - Things To Come

The Lord Jesus Christ - on the titles & names of the Lord Jesus Christ - Christ

The Lord's Day - on the Christian's need to observe the Lord's Day - Practical

The Lord's Supper - the doctrine of the Lord's Supper as taught in Scripture - The Assembly

The Lord's Table - the Lord's table refers to communion or fellowship and not to a piece of furniture on which the emblems of the Lord's Supper sit - The Assembly

The Lord's Table and the Lord's Supper - what the New Testament teaches as to the Lord's Table and the Lord's Supper - The Assembly

The Lord Told Me - on how true guidance is in accord with the Bible - Miscellaneous

The Love of Jesus - on how divine love contemplated its object - Devotional

The Messiah - on the prophecies concerning the Christ, God's annointed one. Was Jesus of Nazareth the Messiah?  - Christ

The Might of Death - an examination of what the Bible teaches about the Devil or Satan as the anointed covering cherub, and his connection with righteousness, the bondage of death, and the might of death – The Faith

The Ministry of Women - on the ministry of Christian women as set forth in the New Testament - Practical

The Missing Bondslave - on why the Bible records a Quartus, a Tertius, and a Secundus, but not a Primus - Devotional

The Mixed Multitude - on the mixed multitude in Moses' day and Paul's day - those whose profession does not match reality - The World

The Mother of Jesus - on the relationship between the Lord Jesus Christ and Mary His mother – Character Studies

The Mystery - what the Scriptures teach as to the mystery of Jew and Gentile united by the Holy Spirit to Christ the head in heaven - The Assembly

The Need of the Day – on the need to adhere to Scripture - The Bible

The New Man - on what Scripture teaches as to the new man (in contrast to the old man etc.) - The Faith

The Numbers of the Book - the significance and spiritual teaching of the numbers 1-13 in the Bible - Miscellaneous

The Oblation - on the typical teaching of the oblation or meat offering - Christ

The Offering Priest - on Christ as the offering priest compared to OT priests - Miscellaneous

The Oldest Lesson - on Job - Miscellaneous

The Olive Tree Mystery - on the teaching of the olive tree in the Bible and it's connection with Israel and the nations, and God's ways and purposes in mercy – Things to Come

The Outline - on the need for Christians to have an outline of sound words (2 Tim. 2:13) – The Bible

The Parable of the Unforgiving Bondman - on the meaning of the parable of the unforgiving bondman in Matt. 18: 21–35 - Miscellaneous

The Path - on following Christ in this world - Miscellaneous

The Peace Offering - on the teaching of the peace offering from Leviticus 3 and 7 - Worship

The Power of Preaching - includes "The Power of Testimony"; on the power that should mark the preaching of God's Glad Tidings - Evangelism

The Preacher of the Gospel - the characteristic features of a preacher of the Gospel - Evangelism

The Prisoner of Hope – on the Christian as one living in hope of better things - Things to Come

The Promises of God - on the promises of God - Miscellaneous

The Pure Word – on the need to believe every word of the Bible - The Bible

The Purpose of Tongues – on what the Bible says about the gift of tongues - Signs & Gifts

The Question of the Angels - the question of the angels and the creation of the world and why this proves the so-called gap theory is actually fact - Creation

The Race - on the Christian pathway here being described in Scripture as a race, and the need to finish well - Practical

The Rapture of the Saints - on the rapture of the saints to heaven without dying when the Lord comes - Things to Come

The Red Heifer - on the water of cleansing provided by the Red of Heifer and its typical relevance for the Christian - The Faith

The Returned Remnant - on the returned remnant of Israel and its lessons for the people of God today - The Assembly

The Satan Myth - on what the Scriptures teach as to Satan in contrast to what Christendom teaches - Miscellaneous

The Scarlet Thread - on Rahab the harlot and her deliverance from the destruction of Jericho - The Gospel

The School of Christ - on how the Christian is in the school of Christ - Miscellaneous

The Sermon on the Mount - on the need to understand that this is not Christianity - Things to Come

The Seven Pillars of Wisdom - seven pillars of wisdom in relation to the Lord Jesus Christ - His birth, baptism, temptations, transfiguration, death, resurrection and ascension - Christ

The Seven Sayings at the Well - on the conversation between the Lord of glory and the Samaritan woman at the well of Sychar - The Gospel/Character Studies

The Shekel of the Sanctuary – God's valuation - the Shekel of the Sanctuary - that by which everything should be measured - The Bible

The Shrine - on the Assembly as God's temple - The Assembly

The Sin against the Holy Spirit - on why the sin against the Holy Spirit cannot be committed by a Christian - The Holy Spirit

The Son of God - on the person of the Son of God being the object of special attack by the Devil - Christ

The Spirit's Mission – on how the Holy Spirit's mission in this world is to secure a bride for Christ - The Holy Spirit

The Spirit's Work - on how we are utterly dependent on the sovereignty of the work of God through the Holy Spirit for new birth - The Gospel

The Swallows are Gone - on being ready for Christ – Things to Come

The Telescope - the Telescope as an illustration of the true nature of faith - The Gospel

The Times of the Signs - By David Noble. What the Scriptures teach as regards signs and their relevance today. This online booklet is not strictly part of the Judev3 website, but is hosted on the author's behalf – Signs & Gifts

The Transfiguration - On the purpose of the transfiguration of Christ in the synoptic gospels - Christ

The Truth as it is in Jesus - on the meaning of Ephesians 4: 20, 21 - Christ

The True Centre - Christ as the true centre around which Christians must gather - The Assembly

The True Picture - on the Law & the real state of man – The Faith

The True Yoke - on the yoke of Christ - subjection to the will of God - Practical

The Ultimate Sacrifice - on Abraham offering up his son Isaac as a burnt offering - Devotional

The Unity of the Spirit - on what the unity of the Spirit is in Ephesians 4 - The Assembly

The Unread Bible – on the Bible showing us what we really are - The Bible

The Unread Book - on the Bible not being read - The Bible

The Victor - on how Christ has annulled the power of death - Practical

The Virgin Birth - what the Bible teaches as to the virgin birth of Christ - Christ

The Voice of the Church - on how Christians need to listen to the voice of God and not the voice of the Church - The Bible

The Way back to God - the way back to God as illustrated by Cain and Abel - The Gospel

The Way of Peace - on peace with God - what it means and how to have it - The Faith

The Way to the City  - the way to the city (Ecclesiastes 10 verse 15) - on the true road to heaven contrasted with false roads – The Gospel

The Way to Unity - includes a second article "Unity"; on the way to unity among Christians - The Assembly

The Word - on the apostle Paul's emphasis on the Word of God in his second epistle to Timothy - The Bible

The World – on what the Scriptures teach on the subject of the world system - The World

The Writing on the Wall – a lesson from the writing that Belshazzar the Chaldean King saw on the wall, and which Daniel explained - The Bible

This thing is from Me - on Christ's unfailing support - Devotional

Thou and Thy House - Scriptural teaching on Christian households - Practical (also see article below)

Thou and Thy House - on how the principle of salvation and a man's house runs right through Scripture - The Faith (also see article above)

Thoughts on Fellowship - thoughts on Christian fellowship as presented in the New Testament - The Assembly

Thoughts on the Ark - on how the ark of the covenant is a typical representation of Christ - Christ

Three Impossibilities - on eternal security. Three impossibilities described in Paul's epistle to the Hebrews. Also includes a second article "Saved Today - Saved Forever" – The Faith

Three Journeys - on three Gentile journeys to Jerusalem - Miscellaneous

Three Musts - on why the Son of Man must be lifted up, why it is needful that we be born anew and why God must be worshipped in spirit and in truth - Worship

Three Views - on how the Christian can look downwards, backwards and forwards - Practical

Thy Word – on Psalm 119 - The Bible

Times & Seasons - a brief summary of the times, seasons and dispensations of the Bible, and why a dispensational approach is the only sound way of interpreting Scripture - Things to Come

Time to Pray - on the dangers of neglecting prayer - Practical

Timidity - incidents from the life of Gideon that teach Christians as to how God can use even the most timid believer - Practical

To Fight or Flee - on the enemies of the Christian - Miscellaneous

To Speak or not to Speak - on the role of women in the Assembly of God - The Assembly

Tradition Versus Scripture – a comparison of the traditions of Christendom and Scripture - The Bible

Trials - on the way to heaven being through much tribulation - Practical

True Devotion - on the devotion to the Lord Jesus of Mary Magdalene - Devotional

True Worshippers - on worship in spirit and truth - Worship

Two Loves - on the difference between agape love and Philadelphia - The Assembly

Two Men - on the history of first man and the second man as set out in the book of Genesis and the Gospel of John - Miscellaneous

Two Preachers - a comparison of two preachers: Noah and Lot - Evangelism

Two Sinners - on the parable of the tax-gatherer or the publican and the Pharisee - The Gospel

Two Snares - on the individual and the collective - Miscellaneous

Two Sorts of Teaching - on how in Scripture teaching concerning the saints always leads to teaching that contemplates the Lord and God - Miscellaneous

Two Veils Not One - the veil of the temple and the veil of the tabernacle and our approach to God - Worship

Two Ways - two ways - the way of Cain and the way of Abel. Also includes a second article entitled "Two Prisoners" on the Butler and the Baker;  also includes a second article entitled "Two Prisoners" on the Butler and the Baker – The Gospel

Two Words - on two significant words in the last chapter of Malachi, namely Remember and Behold - Things to Come

Two Worlds - on the world of Satan and the coming world of the Lord Jesus Christ - The World

Types - on the Old Testament types and their relationship to the apostle's doctrine - what types are, and how they should be used - Miscellaneous

Unity - on how true unity among Christians is achieved by being occupied with Christ - The Assembly

Unity and the Gospel – on a false gospel and a false unity - The Gospel

Unto Him - what the Scriptures teach as to gathering unto Christ - The Assembly

Waiting on the Lord - on the meaning of Isaiah 40 verse 31: “but they that wait upon Jehovah shall renew [their] strength: they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not tire; they shall walk, and not faint” - Practical

Was it Worthwhile? - on the value of soul-work - Evangelism

We Call on Him - on how the Old Testament practice of calling on the name of Jehovah is continued in Christianity by calling on the name of the Lord Jesus - Worship

We Know - on how Christians are marked by certainty of knowledge - Miscellaneous

What Denomination do you belong to? - on which denomination Christians should belong to - The Assembly

What is Love? - on love according to the Bible - The Faith

What is Man? - on the constitution of man as made of spirit, soul and body - The Faith

What is Truth? - on areas where Christians have allowed the Bible to be dethroned from its position of authority - The Faith

What is My Work? - on working for the Lord -  Practical

What is Revival? - also includes 'Three Revivals'; on what revival is according to the Scriptures - Evangelism

What is Your Object? - on Christ being the Christian's objective - Devotional

What Think Ye Of Christ? - what people said about Christ - Christ

What's in a Name - on Isaiah's name - Miscellaneous

Where did HE live - Where do YOU live? - on abiding with Christ - Devotional

When Ye Come Together - a study of the voice of the Assembly to God in prayer, and the voice of God to His Assembly in ministry - The Assembly

Where is He? - on the practical effects of Christ's absence - Miscellaneous

Which Epistle Are You In? - on how the two epistles to Timothy guide us on our ecclesiastical path in a day of public breakdown - The Assembly

Who Do You Believe? – an article on the faith that leads to the saving of the soul - The Faith

Who is in Control? - on the practical implications of the Assembly belonging to Christ, and the Holy Spirit being present in it - The Assembly

Whose Sins did Christ Bear? - on the question of whose sins did Christ bear - the sins of everyone or just those who believe? – The Gospel

Why was Christ baptised? – the reason why the Lord Jesus Christ was baptised by John - Christ

Why Read Scripture - on how the Bible is not only the means of our salvation but also provides the food that makes the believer grow spiritually - The Bible

Will YOU be judged at the Judgement Seat of Christ? – on whether Christians will be judged at the judgement seat of Christ - Things to Come

Winter - on spiritual winter - Miscellaneous

Worldly Honours - on the wisdom of Daniel in not accepting the gifts of Belshazzar and how this is a lesson to the Christian on the danger of accepting honours from the world - The World

Worship - on what the Bible teaches as regards worship -  Worship

Ye Must be Born Anew - on what the Bible teaches as to new birth – The Gospel

Young Men - on encouraging young men in Christ - Practical

Your Faith Increases Exceedingly – on the increase in the believer's faith - The Faith

Youth Work - youth work in the light of Holy Scripture and the one body - The Assembly

Zeal - article on Christian zeal - Miscellaneous