Living Water

Nothing is more pitiful than the restless efforts of a soul out of communion. We may be very busy––our hands may be full of work, our feet may run hither and thither, and the head may be full of knowledge––yet if the heart is not livingly occupied with the Lord our service will be utterly barren. If we are dry ourselves, how can there be rivers of living water flowing out to others? If we are to be made a blessing to others, we must be drinking from the fountain head itself: “If any one thirst, let him come to me and drink. He that believes on me, as the scripture has said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water” (John 7: 38). We do not drink for other people––we drink to satisfy our thirst, and as we drink, the rivers will flow. Show me a man whose heart is filled with Christ, and I will show you a man whose hands are ready for work. Unless we begin with our hearts in communion with the Lord, our service must be a miserable failure––there will be neither glory to God or blessing to man. He is the divine spring of all freshness and spiritual energy.