The Beginning and the End

All Christians know that the book of Genesis is the first book in the Bible and the book of Revelation is the last. Many too have heard Genesis being referred to as the seed plot of the Bible and as the book of beginnings. Most are aware, as well, that Revelation is the grand finale, the book in which all is concluded prior to the ushering in of the eternal day. Perhaps some too have a vague idea that in some way the first book is linked to the last book. A brief comparison of these two books will help the reader to appreciate the distinct links between them, and at the same time I trust, deepen his faith in the inspiration of the Holy Scriptures.



In the book of the beginning the earth is created.

1: 1

In the book of the end the earth passes away.

21: 1

The darkness is called night.

1: 5

Night shall not be anymore.

22: 5

The gathering together of the waters is called sea.

1: 10

The sea exists no more.

21: 1

The sun, moon and stars are connected with the earth’s government.

1: 14–16

The sun, moon and stars are connected with the earth’s judgment.

6: 12, 13; 8: 12; 16: 8

The sun is to rule the day.

1: 16

No need of the sun.

21: 23

A river to water Eden.

2: 10

A river for earth’s blessing.

22: 1, 2

Marriage of the first Adam.

2: 18–23

Marriage of the Last Adam.

19: 7

First rebellion of man.

3: 1–7

Final rebellion of man.

20: 7–10

The ancient serpent causing sin, suffering and death.

3: 1

The ancient serpent bound.

20: 1–3

Entrance of sin into the world.

3: 6

The development and end of sin.

19: 20

The curse is pronounced.

3: 17

No curse shall be anymore.

22: 3

Entrance of sorrow and suffering.

3: 15–19

Removal of sorrow and suffering.

21: 4

Doom of the serpent (the devil) is pronounced.

3: 15

Doom of the devil (the ancient serpent).

20: 10

Death enters the world.

3: 19

Death shall not exist anymore.

21: 4

Man’s dominion ceases, Satan’s begins.

3: 24

Satan’s dominion is ended, man’s is restored.

20: 10; 22: 5

Man’s art and science, resorted to for enjoyment, apart from God.

4: 20–22

Man’s art and science judged and destroyed by God.


A flood from God to destroy and evil generation.


A flood from Satan to destroy an elect generation.

12: 15

The bow, sign of God’s covenant with the earth.

9: 13–17

The bow, token of God’s covenant with the earth.

4: 3; 10: 1

Foundation of Babylon.

10: 10

End of Babylon.


Sun, moon and stars associated with Israel.

37: 9

Sun, moon and stars, again associated with Israel.

12: 1

   These are just a few of the many links that exist between these two inspired writings. There are more, but these suffice to show that it is the same God that caused Revelation to be written as caused Genesis to be penned. God’s Word is not a disjointed collection of unrelated books but one whole. May it be our portion to increasingly value and cherish these writings from the Divine hand!