The Gospel

Gospel Messages and Gospel Teaching

"How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that announceth glad tidings" (Is. 52: 7).

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A Preacher of the Old School - on death

Apron Factories - on how some Churches are supporting a false gospel of self-righteousness

Atonement and Reconciliation - what the Bible teaches on atonement and reconciliation

Authentic Conversion  - on what the Bible teaches about authentic conversion; four articles "Authentic Conversion", "Changed", "Conversion" and "What is Conversion?"

Believing God - on why we must believe God, not merely believe in God

Conviction - what the Bible says about conviction

Debt Forgiven - a short story illustrating how God in Christ has paid our debt

Established in the Gospel - the Gospel as outlined doctrinally in the epistle to the Romans: the importance of knowing how God has fully dealt with both sin and sins in the death of Christ

Four Men - on the four men in Scripture who never die

Good News for the Lost - how the Gospel is good news for the lost

How will You Die? - on the importance of dying in faith

Imputed Righteousness - what the Bible teaches as to imputed righteousness as contrasted with orthodox theology

Indifference - on the peril of indifference to the Gospel of Christ

Justification - the doctrine of justification in the Holy Scriptures; also includes a second article "Justification's Threefold Cord"

Justified from All Things - Acts 13: 38, 39 and how the believer in Christ is justified from all things in which he could not be justified in the law of Moses

No more Conscience of Sins - the work of Christ as giving the believer no more conscience of sins

No Second Chance - on the fact that there is no second chance of salvation after the rapture for those who have rejected Christ but also on how others will be blest

Proclaim the Word - on the necessity of preaching the Word of God despite men turning away from it

Redemption - the Biblical doctrine of redemption

Repentance and Sorrow - on how repentance is a change of mind about self and about God and is not simply sorrow for sin

Repentance - Is it Relevant? - why repentance is a fundamental part of the Christian Gospel

Saving Faith - on what saving faith really is; also includes a second article "Saving faith - What is it?"

Sins - Covered or Gone? - how the Bible teaches that the believer's sins are not covered (as in the Old Testament atonement) but gone - blotted out

Sound Preaching - on the centrality of God's righteousness in the Gospel

Teenage Dilemma - a message for teenagers growing up in a Christian home

The Blood of Atonement - a short story on how God provided the blood of the atonement through His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ

The Brazen Serpent - the New Testament teaching of the Old Testament type of the brazen serpent

The End of the Lord - the Lord's end (or objective) in his dealings with Job and its relevance to the Gospel

The Fall: Fact or Fiction? - on what the Bible teaches about the fall of man

The First Prophet and His Prophecy - on Abel and the Gospel

The Gospel and It's Presentation - the Gospel or Glad Tidings of Christ in relation to God's sovereignty and Man's responsibility

The Gospel in the Gospels - on how the Gospel in the synoptic Gospels differs from the Gospel preached by Paul which he terms my Gospel; Plus a sequel: "My Gospel"on Paul's Gospel - on how the Gospel in the synoptic Gospels differs from the Gospel preached by Paul which he terms my Gospel

The Heart - two articles examining the central importance of the heart in true faith in God

The King of Terrors - on the defeat of death, the king of terrors

The Scarlet Thread - on Rahab the harlot and her deliverance from the destruction of Jericho

The Seven Sayings at the Well - on the conversation between the Lord of glory and the Samaritan woman at the well of Sychar

The Spirit's Work - on how we are utterly dependent on the sovereignty of the work of God through the Holy Spirit for new birth

The Telescope - the Telescope as an illustration of the true nature of faith

The Way back to God - the way back to God as illustrated by Cain and Abel

The Way to the City  - the way to the city (Ecclesiastes 10 verse 15) - on the true road to heaven contrasted with false roads

Two Sinners - on the parable of the tax-gatherer or the publican and the Pharisee

Two Ways - two ways - the way of Cain and the way of Abel. Also includes a second article entitled "Two Prisoners" on the Butler and the Baker.

Unity and the Gospel - on a false gospel and a false unity

Whose Sins did Christ Bear? - on the question of whose sins did Christ bear - the sins of everyone or just those who believe?

Ye Must be Born Anew - on what the Bible teaches as to new birth