How He Came

I want, dear friends, to impress upon you the wonder of the divine visitation—to touch, if I may, your heart with how the Son of God came into this world. Let us begin in Caesar’s Palace, for surely that is the place where we would expect such a glorious visitor. The place is filled with all the grandeur that this earth can give—but our search is in vain. Christ is not there.

   Perhaps among the mansions of the rich and noble we may be more successful? No, He is not there. Let us search the more modest houses of ordinary folk, homes that are really more suitable to domestic comfort—let us omit none. Alas, though we search hard, we do not find Him. Then lower still we will go, and search the cottages of the poor. Oh weary, fruitless search, He is not even there.

   Yet be not discouraged. Let us go to that inn filled with travellers, but learning by experience, we will avoid now the inn itself and go at once to the lowliest spot we can find—to those buildings at the rear. We hear the beasts stamping and chewing their food, and our nostrils are filled with the odour of the stables. Surely He cannot be here? Yes, look in one of the mangers, and there a lowly infant lies. It is Him, it is “Emmanuel” (Matt. 1: 23).

   Now let me speak of how this One departed this world, One who “went through [all quarters] doing good, and healing all that were under the power of the devil” (Acts 10: 38). If such a life can have an end, surely He shall be silently translated, like Enoch, back to His own place and shall not be found? No, it is not that way. Then perhaps fiery chariots shall bear Him home like Elijah? No. Then, at the very least, the peaceful end of a man that is “perfect” and “upright” (Ps. 37: 37)? No, not even that.

   Three shameful crosses stand upon a hill outside the holy city, and upon them hang three men dying in agony. You ask the name of him on the left hand? I do not know it. Would you know who hangs on the right? I cannot tell. I only know that both are being executed for crimes committed: they are transgressors. But if you ask who is filling the central cross, then it is a marvel that makes all other marvels commonplace. It is the Lord of glory Himself, Christ the sinless One. Why does He hang there? Let the answer ring out to every part of this earth: “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only–begotten Son, that whosoever believes on him may not perish, but have life eternal” (John 3: 16). This is a wonder no saint will ever tire of, a spectacle worthy of eternal contemplation!