What a wonderful difference sunshine makes to a landscape. Without it, the finest prospect loses half its loveliness, and with it the tamest landscape becomes almost beautiful. Take your stand upon some hill commanding a wide view on a dull rainy day, and mark how all the country seems to be more or less of the same leaden hue. Now watch the shower cease and the sun burst out from behind the clouds and lo, each field stands out in its distinctive colour. The golden corn field is no longer confounded with the verdant meadow, and each tree in the wood is clothed with its own shade of green.

   As the sun is to the landscape, so is Christ to Christianity. He lights up every truth with His own glory. Without Him, the work of salvation becomes just a ‘plan’. With Him, it is a wonderfully affecting thing. I am not surprised that many find Christianity rather dull, and are disappointed by it––just like a person would be who has come to see a magnificent view on an overcast day. The simple reason in both cases is that the sun is not shining. I have been struck at Bible readings when ‘doctrines’ have been discussed, how often they seem dull and dry. But the moment a little of Christ comes in, all is brightened as the beauty of the ‘Sun’ is seen and its warmth felt.

   It is the presence of Christ that will give heaven its charm. The glory of the golden streets and the heavenly Jerusalem would be dimmed if deprived of the Lamb Who is the light of them. How His presence even in death lights up the chamber of sorrow! And at the sickbed, when we have proved the powerlessness of any mere doctrines to relieve or comfort, how often some little word about the Master makes all bright. Again, you can easily distinguish those who really possess Christ as their portion, and those who merely have Christianity. How? By their bright faces! What a joy it is to meet those whose lives are all bright with a radiance from a hidden source. What a testimony in this dark world. There is nothing like the sunshine of Christ. If you would be pleasing to the Master make sure your life is reflecting His marvellous beams as you journey through this sad and dreary world on to where all is bright!