Science or Scripture

Time and time again has the full weight of manís scientific knowledge been wielded against Godís Holy Word with a view to destroying its credibility. Yet time and time again has that knowledge been forced to bow in humble obeisance to the wisdom of that sacred volume. The science of the universe that God created must be in accord with the Scriptures that He penned.

   The Bible equates the numbers of the stars of heaven with the sand of the seashore (Gen. 22: 17), and beyond our ability to number them (Gen. 15: 5; Jer. 33: 22). Yet just as man in his audacity would build himself a tower to reach to the heavens, so he set about counting that which God had declared was uncountable.
Hath God said? was the voice of the Serpent in the garden, and hath God said? is the voice of fallen man against Godís Word.

   To equate the host of the heavens with the sand of the seashore seems a wild exaggeration. Indeed until the advent of the telescope, it
was possible to number the stars. Scripture, consequently, was dismissed as scientifically irrelevant. However, as science has advanced and telescopes have grown ever more powerful, the truth of what Scripture has asserted for centuries has been confirmed; The stars are indeed innumerable.

   Recently, the Hubble space Telescope was pointed at a tiny region of seemingly empty space about the size of a grain of sand held at armís length and revealed over 1500 galaxies 4000 million times dimmer than could be seen with the unaided eye. It is now estimated that the observable universe alone contains 400 billion galaxies, each containing billions of stars.

   If science proves anything, it proves the inadequacy of manís mind and the infallibility of Godís Word. How dare the creature question the veracity of the Creator? He is the One who ďcounteth the number of the stars; he giveth names to them all. Great is our Lord, and of great power: his understanding is infiniteĒ (Ps. 147: 4, 5).