The teaching of Scripture on various subjects

"He interpreted to them in all the scriptures the things concerning himself" (Luke 24: 27)

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 A Radical Religion - on extremism

A Right Balance - on the relative worth of the soul and the body

A Share in Shame - on suffering for the testimony

Altars or Cities - on the spiritual significance of cities and altars in Genesis and who built them

An Apostle's Fears - on false doctrine

An Earnest Appeal - on the need for faithfulness and zeal in the present day

Anger or Action - on why righteous anger must be accompanied by action

Beyond Debate - on homosexuality

But Thou - on the apostle Paul's final exhortations to Timothy

Character Studies - studies on various Bible characters including Andrew, Apollos, Daniel, Obadiah, Elijah, John the Baptist, Jonathan, Matthew, Naaman, Nicodemus, Rahab and Mary the mother of the Lord

Commended - on the saints specially commended by Paul in Romans 16

Decided - on the need for Christians to know and be decided about what they believe

Decline - on spiritual decline

Differences of Opinion - on differences in opinion among Christians

Divine Approval - Paul's advice to Timothy on how to study to show himself approved unto God

Divine Communications - an examination of the communications used by God in the book of Acts, including angels and visions

Exhortation - on the meaning of exhortation

Exposing Error  - on why it is right to expose error

First-hand Faith - on the need for first-hand faith rather than borrowed faith

God's Family - on what the Bible teaches about the family of God

Great Things - on why today is not necessarily a day of small things

How Heresy Begins - on the dangers of heresy

Ignoring God - on the danger of ignoring God and acting as if He did not exist - from the prophet Zephaniah

In Christ - Paul before Agrippa: How Paul kept what he was in Christ before his mind rather than his earthly circumstances

Infallible Leadership - a denunciation of popery in all its forms

Inventions - on the difference between the Christian, who is a discoverer, and fallen man, who is an inventor

Joseph's Bones - on Heb. 11: 22 and the teaching concerning Joseph's remains

Just Me - on the dangers of a saint thinking he is indispensable to God

Leaven - on why the loaves of the feast of Pentecost were baken or baked

Living Water - on Christ as the living water

Loops of Blue - on being balanced

Lost in Generalities - on why a vague testimony is ineffective

Mavericks or Party Men? - on how Noah, Abram, Moses, Elijah, Paul, Luther, Whitfield and Spurgeon were all mavericks and not party men

Morality - on absolute and relative morality

Obedience at All Costs - on how the Christian must be marked by complete obedience to the Lord

Observed Unawares - on the little-known fact that angels watch Christian behaviour

Our Standard and Our Hope - on the Christian standard and the Christian hope

Paul's Ministry in Acts - why Paul's ministry in Acts did not include the mystery

Pentecost - on the teaching of the feast of pentecost or weeks

Pharaoh's Negotiations - on Satan's efforts to get the people of God to compromise

Personal  - on the importance of a living, personal link with the Lord

Plain Scripture - some plain Scriptures about practical subjects such as drunkenness and divorce

Present Ministry - on the need for a present ministry of Christ

Sabbaths and Sundays - on distinguishing between the Sabbath and the Lord's Day

Sighing and Crying - on the Christian having a right attitude to the ungodliness of Christendom

Sweat - what the Bible teaches about sweat, and its relationship to sin, and the work of the Lord Jesus Christ on the cross

The Beginning and the End - a comparison of Genesis & Revelation

The Divine Registry - spiritual lessons from the Divine registry of Ezra chapter two

The First Genealogy - spiritual lessons from the genealogy of Adam; also includes "The Last Genealogy" and "The Thousand Years"

The Lord Told Me - on how true guidance is in accord with the Bible

The Numbers of the Book - the significance and spiritual teaching of the numbers 1-13 in the Bible

The Offering Priest - on Christ as the offering priest compared to OT priests

The Oldest Lesson - on Job

The Parable of the Unforgiving Bondman - on the meaning of the parable of the unforgiving bondman in Matt. 18: 2135

The Path - on following Christ in this world

The Promises of God - on the promises of God

The Satan Myth - on what the Scriptures teach as to Satan in contrast to what Christendom teaches

The School of Christ - on how the Christian is in the school of Christ

Three Journeys - on three Gentile journeys to Jerusalem

To Fight or Flee - on the enemies of the Christian

Two Men - on the history of first man and the second man as set out in the book of Genesis and the Gospel of John

Two Sorts of Teaching - on how in Scripture teaching concerning the saints always leads to teaching that contemplates the Lord and God.

Two Snares - on the individual and the collective

Types - on the Old Testament types and their relationship to the apostle's doctrine - what types are, and how they should be used

We Know - on how Christians are marked by certainty of knowledge

What's in a Name - on Isaiah's name

Where is He? - on the practical effects of Christ's absence

Winter - on spiritual winter

Zeal - article on Christian zeal