Christ-centred Articles.

"Lovest thou me more than these? ...Art thou attached to me?" (John 21: 15, 17)

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A Perfect Man - on how Psalm 16 shows that the Lord Jesus Christ was a perfect man in the sight of God; includes a second article "The Perfect Man"

Altogether Lovely - on the loveliness of Christ

Altogether Lovely - on the perfect beauty of Christ associated with His manhood; a slightly different version of the article above

Christ in all the Scriptures - on how Christ can be found in every part of the Bible

Christ, the Motive in Service  - on how Christ must be the Christian's only motive in service

He does All things Well - on the perfect works of the Lord Jesus Christ

His Name - on the uniqueness and preciousness of the name of Christ

How He Came - on the lowliness and wonder of the incarnation

In His Steps - on 1 Peter 2: 21-23

Is Christ Everything? - Christ in His proper place among the saints

Jonathan - on the importance of the Saviour rather than salvation being our object

Love for Christ - on what it means to love Christ

Nothing Else Counts - on why, for the Christian, Christ is everything

One Day - on one day in the life of the Lord Jesus Christ as recorded in Mark's Gospel chapter one

Satisfaction - on satisfaction being only found in Christ

Sunshine - on how Christ is central to everything

The Absence of Christ - on the effect of the absence of Christ on the soul of a believer

The Cross - on what is displayed at the cross of Calvary

The Divine Servant - on Phil. 2: 5-8

The Love of Jesus - on how divine love contemplated its object

The Missing Bondslave - on why the Bible records a Quartus, a Tertius, and a Secundus, but not a Primus

The Ultimate Sacrifice - on Abraham offering up his son Isaac as a burnt offering

This thing is from Me - on Christ's unfailing support

True Devotion - on the devotion to the Lord Jesus of Mary Magdalene

What is Your Object? - on Christ being the Christian's objective

Where did HE live - Where do YOU live? - on abiding with Christ