The Faith

Articles on Christian doctrine

"Establishing the souls of the disciples, exhorting them to abide in the faith" (Acts 14: 22).

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A New Start - on what the believer has that is new

Acceptance - on whether we are asked to accept the sacrifice of Christ

Asleep in Christ - on death for the Christian, the fear of death, the sin of death and the grief of death

Baptism - on what the Bible teaches about the subject of baptism

Calling and Faith - on the connection between divine calling and faith as illustrated in the life of Abraham

Children and Sons - on the difference between our place as children of God and our place in sonship

Christian Sacrifices - the sacrifices suited to saints of today in contrast to the saints of a past dispensation

Christ or Nothing - the grave danger facing Jewish disciples abandoning Christ and Christianity and returning to Judaism

Conscience under Attack - what the Bible has to say about conscience

Crucifixion - on what the Bible has to say about crucifixion, the cross of Christ and the believers cross

Deadly Doctrine - New Testament teaching demonstrating that the Christian is not under law but under grace, and that the separation of the law into moral and ceremonial parts is not valid. Includes a second article "From Law to Liberty" describing the difficult transition from law to grace for the first Christians

Eternal Punishment - also includes "The Ethics of Hell". On how the Bible teaches eternal punishment and not universalism or annihilationism

Fighting for the Faith - on contending earnestly for the faith once delivered to the saints

Freedom from Sin - on how the believer gets practical deliverance from sin

Grace - two articles on how the Bible defines grace

Grace and Government - on what the Bible teaches as to grace and government

Headship - on the truth of headship in regards to God, Christ, man and woman as taught in the Bible and its symbolism

Inside and Outside - on the parallel truths of being within the veil and outside the camp

Israel's Enemies - on Israel's enemies in the Old Testament and their relevance for the Christian

Leprosy - on the spiritual significance of the disease of leprosy as taught in Scripture

Mercy and Grace - on what the Bible teaches as to the grace of God and the mercy of God

Opinions or Truth? - on the difference between man's opinions and God's truth

Our Greatest Need - on the knowledge of God being the greatest need of the Christian

Propitiation - on what the Bible teaches about propitiation

Providence or Faith? - a comparison of Providence and Faith

Saints or Sinners? - on how Scripture refers to Christians as saints and not forgiven sinners

Serviceable to Him - on what the Bible teaches as regards sanctification

Sovereign Mercy - on God's sovereignty and Man's responsibility

The Advocate - on the teaching of the first epistle of John as regards Christ as the Advocate of the believer

The Christian Priesthood - on the Christian Priesthood as distinguished from the priesthood of Aaron and the priesthood of Christendom

The Dark Ages - on a spiritual dark age that is descending on Christendom as regards the truth of the mystery, the truth of the Lord coming again, and the truth of being justified by faith

The Enigma of Eternal Life - on what the Bible has to say about Eternal Life

The Faith Once Delivered - on the faith once delivered to the saints - Jude verse 3

The Fantasy of Free Will - on how the doctrine of free will is in conflict with the Word of God

The First Epistle or Real Faith - on the message of the Epistle of James

The First Resurrection - on what the Bible says about the first resurrection

The Jordan - on the typical meaning of the crossing of the Red Sea by the children of Israel

The Might of Death - an examination of what the Bible teaches about the Devil or Satan as the anointed covering cherub, and his connection with righteousness, the bondage of death, and the might of death

The New Man - on what Scripture teaches as to the new man (in contrast to the old man etc.)

The Red Heifer - on the water of cleansing provided by the Red of Heifer and its typical relevance for the Christian

The Red Sea - on the typical meaning of the crossing of the Red Sea by the children of Israel

The True Picture - on the Law & the real state of man

The Way of Peace - on peace with God - what it means and how to have it

Thou and Thy House - on how the principle of salvation and a man's house runs right through Scripture

Three Impossibilities - on eternal security. Three impossibilities described in Paul's epistle to the Hebrews Also includes a second article "Saved Today - Saved Forever"

What is Love? - on love according to the Bible

What is Man? - on the constitution of man as made of spirit, soul and body

What is Truth? - on areas where Christians have allowed the Bible to be dethroned from its position of authority

Who Do You Believe? - an article on the faith that leads to the saving of the soul

Your Faith Increases Exceedingly - on the increase in the believer's faith