Articles relating to preaching and the spread of the Gospel

"Do [the] work of an evangelist" (2 Tim. 4: 5)

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Crisis in Preaching - on why the plain and simple preaching out of the Bible is sometimes failing

Epistles of Christ - on how Christians are epistles or letters of Christ, and hence a testimony for Christ in the world

Evangelism - on what evangelism means

Faithful Preaching - on faithful preaching for God as illustrated by Noah

Fervency - on fervency and burning desire in evangelism; also includes "The spirit of the Evangelist"

Fishers of Men - on what it means to be an effective Gospel worker

God Working - on how it is not the preacher that wins souls but God

Gospel Preaching - modern evangelism emphasises getting people in to hear the Gospel, but Scripture teaches that Christians are to go out to the unconverted

Go to Them - on the importance of going out to the unsaved rather than being taken up with getting them in

Plain Preaching - on the need for direct and straightforward proclamation of the truth

Preaching Christ - on how preaching is not just a message but a message from a person who is known

Powerful Doctrine - on the power of the doctrine of the free forgiveness of sins through the finished work of Christ

Soul Winning - the simplicity of soul winning or evangelism in the New Testament

Sowing and Reaping - on sowing and reaping in relation to Christian evangelism

Speaking for God - on why the preacher of the Gospel should actually be speaking for God

Spiritual Diagnosis - on discerning what is the issue that prevents a soul from coming to Christ

The Ark of the Testimony - on the ark of the covenant as a picture of the testimony of the Christ

The Cost - on the importance of new converts to Christianity counting the cost

The Evangelist - on the gift of the evangelist in relation to the Assembly

The Gourd and The Gospel - on how God used a gourd to teach Jonah and the lessons this has with respect to the preaching of the Gospel in our day

The Power of Preaching - includes "The Power of Testimony". On the power that should mark the preaching of God's Glad Tidings

The Preacher of the Gospel - the characteristic features of a preacher of the Gospel

Two Preachers - a comparison of two preachers: Noah and Lot

Was it Worthwhile? - on the value of soul-work

What is Revival? - also includes 'Three Revivals'; on what revival is according to the Scriptures