Articles on the Lord Jesus Christ the Son of the Father

"All things have been delivered to me by my Father, and no one knows the Son but the Father" (Matt. 11: 27)

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A Female Figure - on a feminine or female figure of the Lord

Ears of Obedience - on the perfection of the Son of God in following the will of the Father

Four Gospels not One - a brief comparison on how Matthew, Mark, Luke and John present Christ

God and Man - on the importance of not going beyond Scripture in relation to the person of the Christ

Jesus - on the Lord's earthly name of Jesus, and how it is not generally used in the epistles apart from a few exceptions

Learn from Me - on how it is essential that Christians come under the teaching of the Lord Jesus Christ

Not Just Jesus - what the Bible teaches us about how the Lord Jesus Christ should be addressed

The Eight Signs of John - on why the apostle John speaks of signs and not miracles in his Gospel and what these signs mean

The Food of Life - Christ in His death as food for the soul (John 6)

The Incarnation - on the Incarnation of the Lord Jesus Christ the Word become flesh

The Lord Jesus Christ - on the titles & names of the Lord Jesus Christ

The Messiah - on the prophecies concerning the Christ, God's anointed one. Was Jesus of Nazareth the Messiah?

The Oblation - on the typical teaching of the oblation or meat offering

The Seven Pillars of Wisdom - the seven pillars of wisdom in relation to the Lord Jesus Christ - His birth, baptism, temptations, transfiguration, death, resurrection and ascension

The Son of God  - on the person of the Son of God being the object of special attack by the Devil

The Transfiguration - on the purpose of the transfiguration of Christ in the synoptic gospels

The Truth as it is in Jesus - on the meaning of Ephesians 4: 20, 21

The Virgin Birth - what the Bible teaches as to the virgin birth of Christ

Thoughts on the Ark - on how the ark of the covenant is a typical representation of Christ

What Think Ye Of Christ? - what people said about Christ

Why was Christ baptised? - the reason why the Lord Jesus Christ was baptised by John