Proverbs & Short Articles


How often can it be said of you and I “but they did not enquire at the mouth of Jehovah” (Josh. 9: 14)?

Christ is heir of all things (see Heb. 1: 2) and we have an inheritance in Him (see Rom. 8: 17).

It does not say ‘as often as ye drink the wine’ but “as often as ye ... drink the cup” (1 Cor. 11: 26, my emphasis). Ponder the practical implications.

Unlike many pulpit performances today, Paul’s preaching was characterised by “much earnest striving” (1 Thess. 2: 2).

You cannot serve God and mammon, but you can serve God with mammon (see Luke 16: 13).

The concept of God’s Assembly as a holy temple (see Eph. 2: 21) appears to be fast disappearing among God’s people. 

We can only get encouragement through the Scriptures (see Rom. 15: 4) if we actually spend time reading them.

“The faithful word” (Tit. 1: 9)—what a rock to depend on in an unstable and changing world! 

We are rightly critical of the children of Israel in their bad attitude (see Num. 21: 4-6). However, we have a tendency to give up under much less pressure.