Proverbs & Short Articles


It is delusional to think that we can have a ‘ministry of Christ’ that enables us to continue as we are. If we are to be formed after Himself, then there will be a ‘cutting off’ and a ‘letting go’.

No believer is ever truly ashamed of Christ and His words (see Mark 8: 38), although, like Peter, He may be overcome by cowardice.

Christians should not allow themselves to be distracted by side–issues that do not lead to the furtherance of Christ’s interests.

The most important meeting when there is a crisis in the Assembly is the prayer meeting. We need His presence.

In any division among saints you are likely to find warm–hearted ambiguity and cold-hearted exactness. Both are bad attitudes.

The incarnation brought God to man, but it did not bring man to God.

The first thing that man says to God in the Bible is "I heard thy voice in the garden, and I feared" (Gen. 3: 10); the last thing is "Amen; come Lord Jesus" (Rev. 22: 20).

In the eyes of the modern world, women in positions of power is a sign of progression. In God’s eyes it is the reverse (see Is. 3: 12).