Proverbs & Short Articles


You cannot improve upon the terminology of Scripture and, particularly in relation to the person of Christ, it is foolish to attempt it.

Many souls are satisfied with relief of conscience instead of going on to satisfying of heart. 

At the judgment seat of God you cannot shelter yourself by saying that it was a collective decision, and you could not but concur. Then, “each of us shall give an account” (Rom. 14: 12, my emphasis). 

It is the veil of the temple that is rent (see Matt. 27: 51). The veil spoken of in Hebrews, is that of the tabernacle and is never said to be rent. We enter through it (see Heb. 10: 20).

Christians must never substitute reasoning for revelation.

It is a serious matter to break off links of fellowship—for fellowship in Scripture is only broken on the basis of serious charges. It is quite a different matter with those with whom I have never been in fellowship as the matter of fitness may never have arisen.

How we need grace in our dealings with one another! We may not think others deserve it, but that is precisely the point.

It is vain to talk of ‘the Lord being in the midst’ when there is no power to address problems in the company.