The Assembly

Articles relating to the Assembly or Church

"On this rock I will build my assembly, and hades' gates shall not prevail against it" (Matt. 16: 18).

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A Collective Fallacy - on ecclesiastical presumption in a day of public breakdown

Authentic Christianity - on how authentic Christianity is marked by perseverance in the teaching and fellowship of the apostles, and in breaking of bread and prayers; also a second article "The Apostle's doctrine"

Beware of Old Prophets - on fellowship as illustrated by 1 Kings 13

Denominational Co-operation - how denominational co-operation conflicts with the doctrine of the one body of Christ

Ekklesia - what the Bible teaches as to the ekklesia - the Church or Assembly

Facing the Facts - a warning about the spiritual state of God's people as gathered together

Fellowship Today - a Review - a review of how fellowship is to be realised among Christians today

Flesh or Spirit? - includes a second article "Who is in control?"; on how Christians can act either in the flesh or in the Spirit

God's Dwelling Place - what the Bible teaches as regards God's dwelling place

Hindrances to Fellowship - on the difficulties of fellowship in the present day

Hints on the Prayer Meeting - includes a second article "Crisis in the Prayer Meeting"; hints on how a Christian should approach the prayer meeting

Hold Fast - on what it means to hold fast in the context of the apostle John's letter to the assembly in Philadelphia

Independency - on why local assemblies are not independent or autonomous but are to act in the light of the Assembly which is Christ's body.

In His Name or Just a Claim? - on Matt. 18: 20

Is He in the Company? - on Luke 2: 4252

Just a Denomination - on how the sense of only one fellowship has been progressively lost

Leaven - four articles: "Leaven", "The Holy, the True", "Dealing with an Infection" and "Privilege and Responsibility"; on the Scriptural doctrine of leaven

Love towards All the Saints - on partiality

Mutuality - a characteristic of real fellowship

Neutrality - on the evil of neutrality in relation to the things of God (2 John 10, 11)

Not for All - on the dangers of some Church meetings being only for a selective few

Not One of Us - on our attitude to those Christians with whom we are not formally linked

Not With Us - on our attitude to those Christians with whom we are not formally linked

Numbers - on the importance of assembly numbers if we are to maintain what is collective and comments on the reasons for declining numbers

One Assembly - five articles: "One Assembly", "Just One Company", "One Church or Two?", "The Assembly and the Assemblies" and "In Each City". On how the Scriptures teach that there is but one assembly

One Fellowship - on the fact that there is only one Christian fellowship in Scripture - the fellowship of God's Son

Outside the Camp - on the meaning of the expression outside the camp in the book of Hebrews; different to the article below

Outside the Camp - a second, different article to the previous; on the meaning of Hebrews 13: 10-14 - the doctrine of being "outside the camp"

Partnership - on how fellowship is not just sharing but partnership

Real Fellowship - includes a second article "Spiritual Fellowship"; two articles: one on real fellowship, the other on spiritual fellowship

Sectarianism - on what the Scriptures teach as to sects, denominations, schisms, one body, one faith and one Spirit

Stance and State - on how a correct ecclesiastical condition may not correspond with one's moral and spiritual state

Terms and Conditions - on how the apostolic doctrine must always govern the terms and conditions of fellowship

The Approved - on those who God approves in contrast to those who are sectarian

The Church Gone Grey - on the need for a black and white approach to truth and sin

The Church in Ruins - on the failure of that which is corporate

The Church's Path - on walking the path with Christ

The Guest Chamber - on the place where the Lord was made welcome

The Lord's Supper - the doctrine of the Lord's Supper as taught in Scripture.

The Lord's Table - the Lord's table refers to communion or fellowship and not to a piece of furniture on which the emblems of the Lord's Supper sit

The Lord's Table and the Lord's Supper - what the New Testament teaches as to the Lord's Table and the Lord's Supper

The Mystery - what the Scriptures teach as to the mystery of Jew And Gentile united by the Holy Spirit to Christ the head in heaven

The Returned Remnant - on the returned remnant of Israel and its lessons for the people of God today

The Shrine - on the Assembly as God's temple

The True Centre - Christ as the true centre around which Christians must gather

The Unity of the Spirit - on what the unity of the Spirit is in Ephesians 4

The Way to Unity - includes a second article "Unity"; on the way to unity among Christians

Thoughts on Fellowship - thoughts on Christian Fellowship as presented in the New Testament

To Speak or not to Speak - on the role of women in the Assembly of God

Two Loves - on the difference between agape love and Philadelphia

Unity - on how true unity among Christians is achieved by being occupied with Christ

Unto Him - what the Scriptures teach as to gathering unto Christ

What Denomination do you belong to? - on which denomination Christians should belong to

Which Epistle Are You In? - on how the two epistles to Timothy guide us on our ecclesiastical path in a day of public breakdown

When Ye Come Together - a study of the voice of the Assembly to God in prayer, and the voice of God to His Assembly in ministry

Who is in Control? - on the practical implications of the Assembly belonging to Christ, and the Holy Spirit being present in it

Youth Work - youth work in the light of Holy Scripture and the one body