The World

Articles on the world-system and what Scripture says about it.

"And the world is passing, and its lust, but he that does the will of God abides for eternity" (1 John 2: 17).

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An Appeal to the Saints - an appeal to the saints regarding worldliness

Christ or the World - on the evil of worldliness in a professing Christian

Christ or the World - (second article) on worldliness among Christians being a source of sorrow to the faithful

Lessons from Lot - lessons for the believer in the life of Lot, the brother of Abraham

Love not the World - the story of Lot as a picture of the back-sliding Christian and the world

Obadiah - on the character of Obadiah as contrasted with Elijah

Profession and Practice - on the history of Samson as a nazarite to God

The Mixed Multitude - on the mixed multitude in Moses' day and Paul's day - those whose profession does not match reality

The World - on what the Scriptures teach on the subject of the world system

Two Worlds - on the world of Satan and the coming world of the Lord Jesus Christ

Worldly Honours - on the wisdom of Daniel in not accepting the gifts of Belshazzar and how this is a lesson to the Christian on the danger of accepting honours from the world