Signs and Gifts

Service and Office

What the Bible teaches on signs and gifts, service and office as contrasted with what is taught in Christendom.

"But whether prophecies, they shall be done away; or tongues, they shall cease; or knowledge, it shall be done away" (1 Cor. 14: 8).

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A Pastor's Work - what a true pastor is according to the Scriptures

Elders: The Real Deal - on why all the qualifications for eldership must be met before one can be regarded as an elder

Faith and Miracles - why faith in God is more important than miracles

Gift - Its Use and Abuse - also includes a second article "All Hands on Deck". On what the Bible teaches as regards the use and abuse of spiritual gift

Ministerial Muddles - on what the Bible has to say about service, gift and clericalism

The Age Old Question of Elders - what the Bible teaches about elders, bishops & overseers

The Laying on of Hands - on what the Bible teaches as to the laying on of hands

The Purpose of Tongues - on what the Bible says about the gift of tongues

The Times of the Signs - by the late David Noble. What the Scriptures teach as regards signs and their relevance today.

[An edited and re-formatted book version (95 pages) of "The Times of the Signs" by David Noble is now available on and (ISBN: 978-1-7394928-1-6)]