The Faith

Articles on Christian doctrine

"Establishing the souls of the disciples, exhorting them to abide in the faith" (Acts 14: 22).

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Acceptance - on whether we are asked to accept the sacrifice of Christ

A New Start - what the believer has that is new

Asleep in Christ - On death for the Christian, the fear of death, the sin of death and the grief of death

Baptism - On what the Bible teaches about the subject of baptism

Children and Sons - on the difference between our place as children of God and our place in sonship

Christian Sacrifices - contrasted with those of the Mosaic system

Christ or Nothing - on the apostasy of Jews who abandoned the Christianity they once professed

Conscience under Attack - What the Bible has to say about conscience

Crucifixion - On what the Bible has to say about crucifixion, the cross of Christ and the believers cross

Deadly Doctrine - on the Christian's relationship to law. Includes a second article "From Law to Liberty" describing the difficult transition from law to grace for the first Christians

Eternal Punishment - also includes "The Ethics of Hell"

Grace - two articles

Grace and Government - on what the Bible teaches as to grace and government

Headship - on the truth of headship in regards to God, Christ, man and woman as taught in the Bible and its symbolism

Inside and Outside - on the parallel truths of being inside the veil and outside the camp

Israel's Enemies - on Israel's enemies in the Old Testament and their relevance for the Christian

Leprosy - on its spiritual lessons

Mercy and Grace - on what the Bible teaches as to the grace of God and the mercy of God

Opinions or Truth? - on the difference between man's opinions and God's truth

Our Greatest Need - on the knowledge of God

Propitiation - On what the Bible teaches about propitiation

Providence or Faith? - a comparison

Saints or Sinners? - on how Scripture refers to Christians as saints and not forgiven sinners

Serviceable to Him - on sanctification

Sovereign Mercy - on God's sovereignty and Man's responsibility

The Advocate - on the advocacy of Christ

The Christian Priesthood - on the Christian Priesthood as distinguished from the priesthood of Aaron and the priesthood of Christendom

The Dark Ages - on the loss of Scriptural knowledge in the modern era.

The Enigma of Eternal Life - on what the Bible has to say about Eternal Life

The Faith Once Delivered - on the faith once delivered to the saints Jude verse 3

The Fantasy of Free Will - on how the doctrine of free will is in conflict with the Word of God

The First Resurrection - on what the Bible says about the first resurrection

The Might of Death - how the Devil has the might of death

The New Man - on what Scripture teaches as to the new man (in contrast to the old man etc.)

The Red Heifer - a detailed explanation of the type

The True Picture - the Law & the real state of man

The Way of Peace - on peace with God - what it means and how to have it

Thou and Thy House - on how God identifies a man's household with that man

Three Impossibilities - on eternal security. Also includes a second article "Saved Today - Saved Forever"

What is Love? - on love according to the Bible

Who Do You Believe? - an article on the faith that leads to the saving of the soul

Your Faith Increases Exceedingly - on the increase in our faith