The Assembly

Articles relating to the Assembly or Church

"On this rock I will build my assembly, and hades' gates shall not prevail against it" (Matt. 16: 18).

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Authentic Christianity - on persevering in the apostle's doctrine etc. Also a second article "The Apostle's doctrine"

Beware of Old Prophets - on fellowship

A Collective Fallacy - On ecclesiastical presumption in a day of public breakdown

Denominational Co-operation


Facing the Facts

Fellowship Today - a Review

Flesh or Spirit? - includes a second article "Who is in control?"

God's Dwelling Place

Hindrances to Fellowship

Hints on the Prayer Meeting - includes a second article "Crisis in the Prayer Meeting

Hold Fast - on the Assembly in Philadelphia

In His Name or Just a Claim?

Is He in the Company?

Just a Denomination

Leaven - Four articles: "Leaven", "The Holy, the True", "Dealing with an Infection" and "Privilege and Responsibility"

Love towards All the Saints - on partiality

Mutuality - a characteristic of real fellowship

Neutrality - on the dangers of compromising fellowship

Not for All

Not One of Us

Not With Us

Numbers - comments on the reasons for declining numbers

One Assembly - five articles: "One Assembly", "Just One Company", "One Church or Two?", "The Assembly and the Assemblies" and "In Each City".

Outside the Camp - on what it means. Different to the article below.

Outside the Camp - a second, different article to the previous

Real Fellowship - includes a second article "Spiritual Fellowship"

Sectarianism - on what the Scriptures teach as to sects, denominations, schisms, one body, one faith and one Spirit

Stance and State - on how a correct ecclesiastical condition may not correspond with one's moral and spiritual state

The Church Gone Grey

The Church in Ruins

The Church's Path

The Guest Chamber

The Lord's Supper - The doctrine of the Lord's Supper as taught in Scripture.

The Lord's Table - The Lord's table refers to communion or fellowship and not to a piece of furniture on which the emblems of the Lord's Supper sit

The Lord's Table and the Lord's Supper

The Mystery - What the Scriptures teach as to the mystery of Jew And Gentile united by the Holy Spirit to Christ the head in heaven

The Returned Remnant - lessons from the Old Testament for today

The True Centre - Christ as the true centre around which Christians must gather

The Way to Unity - includes a second article "Unity"

Thoughts on Fellowship - thoughts on Christian Fellowship as presented in the New Testament

To Speak or not to Speak - on the role of women in the Assembly

Two Loves - on fellowship and the difference between brotherly love and agape love

Unto Him - what The Scriptures teach as to gathering unto Christ

What Denomination do you belong to? - on which denomination Christians should belong to

Youth Work - Youth work in the light of Holy Scripture and the one body