Articles on practical aspects of Christianity

"For as the body without a spirit is dead, so also faith without works is dead" (James 2: 26).

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Abdication - on personal responsibility

Abide in Me - on abiding in Christ

Are You Growing - on the signs of Christian growth

Ask at Home - on the participation of women in Christian meetings

A Word of Warning - on the need for fidelity to Christ in these last, closing days

Be in Peace

Builders - on the need for edification, the practical, positive building up of others

Burial and Cremation - On why cremation is not Christian, and is a denial of the truth of resurrection

Care for Others

Chastisement - on the chastening of the Lord

Christ and Politics

Christian Friends - On the character of true Christian friendship

Citizens of Heaven - The Christian is not of this world but a citizen of heaven

Complications - in relation to adultery and divorce

Confession - on the need for the believer to confess his sins if there is to be restoration

Conversation - on the behaviour expected of a Christian


Divorce - the Devil's Delusion - what the Bible teaches on divorce

Draw Near - on why the Christian should always draw near to God, even when he has failed.

In My Name - What it means to pray in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ


Feet Washing - on the cleansing power of the Word of God

Free from Sickness - on why Christians are not promised good health

Fruitful Branches - on abiding in the true vine

Fully Engaged - on how all Christians are in full-time service to the Lord

Giving Our Best

Heirs Together - a model Christian couple: Aquila & Priscilla

Holy and True - on the special danger facing the Church in Philadelphia: a false concept of brotherly love



Light at Home - On the practical light of Christianity shining out from a believer's home

Living by Faith

Moral Fitness - on the moral condition suited to enlightenment in the things of God

Music, Hymns & Youth

Not Lawful - on John the Baptist and divorce

One People - on colour prejudice

Other Christians - On how Christians should regard other believers with whom they are not ecclesiastically linked.

Possession - on real possession of our inheritance in Christ

Practical Christianity - on what the Scriptures say as to it.

Praise and Pride - two articles: "Praise and Pride" and "The Danger of Pride"

Precious in the Lord - on death and the Christian

Remember the Poor - What the Bible says about caring for the poor and needy among God's people and in society in general

Questions - on how young and old should approach questions

Satisfied Saints

Separation - on how separation is taught throughout Scripture

Sickness - on God's lessons through sickness for the believer and the unbeliever

Spend and be Spent - the effect of grace practically


Tattoos - on what the Bible teaches regarding Tattoos

The Armour of God

The Christian and the State

Three Views

The Lord's Day - on the need to observe

The Ministry of Women

The Race - on the Christian pathway here being described in Scripture as a race, and the need to finish well

The True Yoke

The Victor - on how Christ has won the victory over death

Thou and Thy House - on Christian households

Time to Pray

Timidity - for believers who lack courage


Waiting on the Lord - on Isaiah 40: 1

What is My Work?

Young Men