Proverbs & Short Articles


Whether we have others to walk in fellowship with or not, each of us, individually, must be walking with God. 

The Jews believe that the Lord was wounded for His own transgressions, but in a day to come they will know and accept that He was wounded for their transgressions. 

A man’s true wealth is not what he leaves behind when he departs this scene, but what he takes with him.  

Those who deny the eternity of damnation must also deny that hope is the exclusive preserve of the believer. In their scheme, even those in hell have hope—hope in an end to their torment. 

The Jews held prophetic truth and searched the Scriptures, but the truth did not hold them, and neither did they consent to be searched by the Scriptures.

Why am I blessed with the knowledge of the love of God? To spread it abroad. Why am I blessed with health and strength? To spend and be spent. Why am I blessed with time or possessions? To use them on behalf of Him to whom they belong.

“Never” was the reply of one leaving for a distant shore in the service of the Gospel, when a friend, at the side of the vessel, asked “When are you coming back?” That is what commitment means!

We love only because He first loved.