Proverbs & Short Articles


Christ is heir of all things and we have an inheritance in Him. This is grace abounding.

“Many are the thoughts in a man’s heart, but the counsel of Jehovah, that doth stand” (Prov. 19: 21).

Some saints are well–versed in Scripture, others merely in commentaries on Scripture.

If I live for Christ, I will live like Christ.  

If we are to truly serve God, then public service can only be preceded by secret meditation. 

Job 1: 21 is not fatalism. Fatalism is the acceptance of circumstances without reference to God.  

We should not interpret Scripture in the light of our experience, but our experience in the light of Scripture.

In Exodus 12: 4, 5, we have first “a lamb”, then “the lamb”, and finally “your lamb” (my emphasis).