Proverbs & Short Articles


Individual humility may co–exist in conjunction with corporate pride. 

It is a poor thing to regard the term “the feast of the Jews” (John 6: 4) merely as an explanatory reference by the writer. It is that, but it also has a moral force as seen in its contrast with what God says in Lev. 23: 2: “these are my set feasts” (my emphasis).

There is no one living who does not have a place reserved, whether in heaven (see 1 Pet. 1: 4) or in hell (see Jude 13). Only the latter reservation can be changed, and that offer will soon close.

Revelation is not the same as inspiration. “Every Scripture is divinely inspired” (2 Tim. 3: 16), but some Scriptures also contain the record of the thoughts of men as well as revelation from God.

‘Once saved, always saved’ is true so long as the person was saved in the first place. No fruit after conversion means no conversion took place.

What is Christianity? Abiding in Christ, and Christ abiding in me (see John 15: 4).

God loved me despite me being a sinner. As a believer He loves me with the same delight that He found in His Son.