Proverbs & Short Articles


As Jews, the disciples did not look on Samaria as a place of harvest, but the sowing had already been done and all they had to do was reap (see John 4: 35–38). It is to our own detriment if we think in the same insular way, and are blind to what God is doing even in our neighbourhood. “Lift up your eyes and behold the fields” (v35)!

Christ is heir of all things and, praise God, we have an inheritance in Him.

The better we know God’s thoughts about Christ the better we shall know God’s thoughts about ourselves, for we are in Christ.

We are surprised when God answers prayer but not when he doesn’t.

The believer leads a very full life. It is the unbeliever who leads a two dimensional existence: his spirit is dead towards God.

Earthly parents raise their children to become independent. God our Father raises you and I to become more dependent.

God is using me as much as He can. My prayer should not be ‘Lord, use me more’ but ‘Lord, make me more usable’. 

The Lord’s words did not need to be seasoned with salt (Col. 4: 6). He was incorruptible.

True faith is not focused on itself, as to whether it is a strong faith or weak faith, but is occupied with God.