Proverbs & Short Articles


Christians often make much of the truth as a matter of doctrine while allowing themselves to become utterly negligent in walking in that truth daily. They are like a cake not turned, all brown on one side and raw dough on the other. Doctrinally, they might be very particular. Practically, however, they are loose and unconcerned.

How can you be satisfied with the extent of your practical Christian fellowship in such a day as this? Thankful for any measure of fellowship that can be had, but never satisfied.

It is a small thing to mark your Bible, but it is a great thing when it marks you.

God says “there is no God else beside me” (Is. 45: 21). We are not giving a choice of the sort of God we want to believe in or not believe in. This, is the God who we must face.

See to nurture your own relationship with God first, then seek the spiritual welfare of the family God has given you, then the interests of all God’s people, and finally the blessing of men generally.

God does not ask merely for the first place in our hearts, for He wants it all: “My son, give me thy heart” (Prov. 23: 26). 

Grace is not merely unmerited favour, but favour despite merited judgment.

Many see service as a means of thanking God for what He has done for them. It is good to be thankful, but that is not the primary reason for service. I serve because I am a servant.