Proverbs & Short Articles


Come to a conversational Bible reading not to air your views but as a learner. That is the only way you will be helped and be a helper to others.

The Gibeonites got into the camp of Israel by illicit means and so it is of great interest that later they are found repairing the boundary of Jerusalem (see Josh. 9: 3Ė27; Neh. 3: 7).

The ruler of this world has something for every kind of man bar one. In the Son of the Father he found no response (see John 14: 30).

A God who lets the sinner off the hook is not a God you can trust. That, is a false God invented according to manís own fallen nature.

Jericho was the scene of Israelís first and greatest victory in the land and also of her final and most ignominious defeat (see Josh. 6; Jer. 39: 5).

If the world being unjust is an argument against the existence of God then where exactly did the concept of justice come from?

Some confuse ritual with serving God. Parade duty is not the same as being on the battlefield.