Proverbs & Short Articles


 The Lord cannot forget His people for He says they are graven “upon the palms of [my] hands” (Is. 49: 16)—the hands that were nailed to the cross.

Read Scripture to get the facts, study it to get the meaning, and meditate on it to get the benefit.

The evangelist sometimes preaches an imperfect message (see Acts 18: 25), but that should never lead us to depreciate the value of his work.

NT Christianity was not withdrawn and insular. Paul endangered himself “every hour” and “fought with beasts in Ephesus” (1 Cor. 15: 30, 32). How do we compare?

We sometimes hear Christians say ‘I am not able to get along with So and So’. No surprise there, because they have their own ability in view, rather than God’s power.

Where unity is maintained at all costs, then it is evident that this can never be the unity of the Spirit!

The Lord’s blood was “poured out” (Luke 22: 20)—deliberately and unrestrainedly. Who for? “For you” (my emphasis).

The apostle John describes twelve different precious stones adorning the foundations of the wall of the new Jerusalem (see Rev. 21: 19, 20). The order of which is not random, for they are ingeniously arranged according to their various shades and tints. A prominent gemologist has commented that this displays an “exact knowledge of particulars, only possessed by persons dealing in precious stones ... which could never have been found in a Galilean fisherman”. In his opinion, no layman could “arrange from memory, and by his own casually acquired knowledge alone, twelve gems, or even half that number, according to their proper tints”. All this, of course, leaves out God!