Proverbs & Short Articles


Scriptural arrangements are nothing without spiritual conditions.

We thank God for the extraordinary but often forget the ordinary.

Clericalism can exist even where the doctrine of clericalism has been rejected.

It is not spiritual to think that we leave our brains behind in Christianity: the believer is to be transformed by the renewing of his mind (see Rom. 12: 2). Thinking is not incompatible with faith. 

A free for all is the liberty of the flesh not the liberty of the Spirit.

The secret strength of faith lies in the fact that all is treasured up in a Person—not merely doctrine, but Himself, not merely deliverance but a Deliverer, not merely redemption but a Redeemer.

A question does not always imply a doubt. Some don’t like being asked questions but we should ask questions, for the simple reason we desire to know for ourselves.

Grace is difficult to define, but impossible to measure.

The Bible stands utterly alone among books—every book bar one is the record of what man has said. This book is the exception for it is God’s Word. That being so, what it has to say will stand forever.