Things to Come

Articles on prophetic subjects

"Write therefore what thou hast seen, and the things that are, and the things that are about to be after these" (Rev. 1: 19).

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All Israel - On the link between God's promises to Israel and how much we really believe God.

A Striking Parallel - a comparison of conditions among God's people at the Lord's first coming, with those at His second.


Heaven - what the Bible teaches about Heaven

Hope - on the hope of the Christian

Jehovah's Feasts - the history of Israel set out in Leviticus 23

John and Elijah - on the relationship between John the Baptist & Elijah

Left Behind - on the partial rapture theory


Our Hope - on how Christ is the Christian's proper hope

Our True Hope - on the coming of the Lord for His saints

Precious Prophecy - on the value of prophecy

Sins taken Away - on the type of the scapegoat being fulfilled in Israel.

The Hidden Manna - on how our lives here as Christians affects our place in the hereafter.

The Hope - on the hope of the Christian: Christ's coming again

The Lord Himself

The Olive Tree Mystery - Israel and the nations

The Blessed Hope

The Land of Promise - on why Israel must be restored to the land

The Last Epistle - Why the epistle of Jude is the the last epistle in Scripture.

The Prisoner of Hope

The Sermon on the Mount - on the need to understand that this is not Christianity

The Swallows are Gone - on being ready for Christ

Times & Seasons - on dispensations

Will YOU be judged at the Judgement Seat of Christ?