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 A List of all major articles and where found

 A Female Figure - on a feminine figure of the Lord - Christ

A New Start - what the believer has that is new The Faith

A Pastor's Work - what a true pastor is according to the Scriptures Signs & Gifts

A Perfect Man - includes a second article "The Perfect Man" - Devotional

A Preacher of the Old School - on death The Gospel

A Radical Religion - on extremism - Miscellaneous

A Right Balance - on the relative worth of the soul and the body - Miscellaneous

A Share in Shame - on suffering for the testimony - Miscellaneous

A Striking Parallel - a comparison of conditions among God's people at the Lord's first coming, with those at His second - Things To Come

Abdication - on personal responsibility - Practical

Abide in Me - on abiding in Christ - Practical

Acceptance The Faith

Addressing the Holy Spirit - on praying and singing to the Spirit of God - The Holy Spirit

All Israel - On the link between God's promises to Israel and how much we really believe God - Things To Come

Altogether Lovely- Devotional

An Apostle's Fears - on false doctrine- Miscellaneous

An Appeal to the Saints - a warning against worldliness The World

An Earnest Appeal - On the need for faithfulness and zeal in the present day- Miscellaneous

Andrew Character Studies

Anger or Action - on why righteous anger must be accompanied by action - Miscellaneous

Apollos Character Studies

Are You Growing - on the signs of Christian growth- Practical

Ask at Home - on the participation of women in Christian meetings - Practical

Atonement and Reconciliation The Gospel

Authentic Christianity - on persevering in the apostle's doctrine etc. Also a second article "The Apostle's doctrine"- The Assembly

Authentic Conversion  - four articles "Authentic Conversion", "Changed", "Conversion" and "What is Conversion?" The Gospel

Authority and Power The Bible

A Word of Warning - on the need for fidelity to Christ in these last, closing days - Practical

Baptism - The Faith

Be in Peace- Practical

Believing God - The Gospel

Beware of Old Prophets - on fellowship - The Assembly

Beyond Debate - on homosexuality- Miscellaneous

Biblical Authority The Bible

Builders - on the need for edification, the practical, positive building up of others - Practical

But Thou - on Paul's final exhortations to Timothy- Miscellaneous

Care for Others- Practical

Character Studies - Miscellaneous

Chastisement - on the chastening of the Lord - Practical

Children and Sons - on the difference between our place as the children of God and our place as sons - The Faith

Christ and Politics - Practical

Christ and The Scriptures - two articles with the same title The Bible

Christ in all the Scriptures - Devotional

Christ or Nothing - on the apostasy of Jews who abandoned the Christianity they once professed - The Faith

Christ or the World The World

Christ, the Motive in Service - Devotional

Christian Friends- Practical

Christian Sacrifices - contrasted with those of the Mosaic system - The Faith

Citizens of Heaven - Practical

Commended - on the saints commended by Paul in Romans 16 - Miscellaneous

Conversation - on the behaviour expected of a Christian - Practical

Complications - in relation to adultery and divorce - Practical

Confession - on the need for the believer to confess his sins if there is to be restoration - Practical

Conviction The Gospel

Daily Reading - also includes "Bible Study" and "Bible Reading" The Bible

Deadly Doctrine - on the Christian's relationship to law. Includes a second article "From Law to Liberty" describing the difficult transition from law to grace for the first Christians. The Faith

Debt Forgiven The Gospel

Decision - Practical

Decline - on spiritual decline - Miscellaneous

Denominational Co-operation - The Assembly

Development - on the revelation being now complete - The Bible

Differences of Opinion - on differences in opinion among Christians - Miscellaneous

Distinctive The Bible

Divine Approval - Study that God approves of - Miscellaneous

Divine Communications - on how God communicated with His people in the book of Acts - Miscellaneous

Divine Features - on how Scripture describes God using terms that apply to man - God & Father

Divorce - the Devil's Delusion - what the Bible teaches on divorce - Practical

Draw Near - on why the Christian should always draw near to God, even when he has failed - Practical

Ears of Obedience - on the perfect manhood of the Lord Jesus - Christ

Ekklesia - The Assembly

Epistles of Christ - on how we are a testimony for Christ in this world - Evangelism

Established in the Gospel - the Gospel as outlined doctrinally in the epistle to the Romans - The Gospel

Eternal Punishment - also includes "The Ethics of Hell" The Faith

Eternity - Things to Come

Evangelism - Evangelism

Exhortation - on what it means - Miscellaneous

Exposing Error  - on why it is right to do so- Miscellaneous

Facing the Facts - The Assembly

Faith and Miracles - why faith in God is more important than miracles Signs & Gifts

Faithful Preaching - on Noah - Evangelism

Far Apart In Spirit -Obadiah as contrasted with Elijah Character Studies

Fashion- Practical

Feet Washing - on the cleansing power of the Word of God - Practical

Fellowship Today - a Review -The Assembly

Fervency - also includes "The spirit of the Evangelist"- Evangelism

Filled with The Holy Spirit The Holy Spirit

Fishers of Men- Evangelism

Flesh or Spirit? - includes a second article "Who is in control?" - The Assembly

Four Gospels not One - on how the Gospels present Christ- Christ

Four Men - on the four men in Scripture who never die - The Gospel

Free from Sickness - on why Christians are not promised good health - Practical

Fruitful Branches - on abiding in the true vine - Practical

Fully Engaged - on how all Christians are in full-time service to the Lord - Practical

Gift - Its Use and Abuse - also includes a second article "All Hands on Deck" Signs & Gifts

Giving Our Best- Practical

Go to Them - on the importance of going out to the unsaved rather than being taken up with getting them in - Evangelism

God and Man - on the importance of not going beyond Scripture in relation to the person of Christ - Christ

God and Translation - on the limitations of translation The Bible

God is One - The teaching of Scripture and the tritheistic tendencies of some Christians God & Father

God's Dwelling Place - The Assembly

God's Family - what the Bible teaches on the family of God - Miscellaneous

God's Great Gift - The Holy Spirit

God's Works - the perfection of God's works - Creation

God's Words - the Word of God, The Bible and Inspiration - the Bible

God Working - on how it is not the preacher that wins souls but God - Evangelism

Good News for the Lost The Gospel

Grace - two articles The Faith

Grace and Government The Faith

Great Things - Miscellaneous

Has Every Believer received the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit

He does All things Well- Devotional

Headship The Faith

Heaven - what the Bible teaches about Heaven - Things To Come

Heirs Together - a model Christian couple: Aquila & Priscilla- Practical

Hindrances to Fellowship - The Assembly

Hints on the Prayer Meeting - includes a second article "Crisis in the Prayer Meeting- The Assembly

His Name - Devotional

Hold Fast - on the Assembly in Philadelphia - The Assembly

Hope - on the hope of the Christian - Things to Come

Hospitality- Practical

How He Came- Devotional

How Heresy Begins- Miscellaneous

How will You Die? The Gospel

Ignoring God - on acting as if God does not exist- Miscellaneous

Imputed Righteousness - what the Scriptures teach, rather than 'orthodox' theology The Gospel

In Christ - Paul before Agrippa - Miscellaneous

In His Name or Just a Claim? - The Assembly

In His Steps- Devotional

In My Name- Practical

Indifference The Gospel

Infallible Leadership - a denunciation- Miscellaneous

Inside and Outside - on the parallel truths of being inside the veil and outside the camp - The Faith

Inventions - on the contrast between man's invention and spiritual discovery - Miscellaneous

Is Christ Everything? - Devotional

Is He in the Company? - The Assembly

Isolation- Practical

It is Written - the Serpent and Scripture - the Bible

Jehovah's Feasts - the history of Israel set out in Leviticus 23 - Things to come

John and Elijah - on the relationship between John the Baptist & Elijah Things to Come

John the Baptist Character Studies

Jonathan Character Studies

Jonathan- Devotional

Joseph's Bones- Miscellaneous

Just a Denomination- The Assembly

Just Me - on the dangers of thinking you are the only faithful one left- Miscellaneous

Justification - also includes a second article "Justification's Threefold Cord" The Gospel

Justified from All Things - on Joshua the High Priest in the light of Acts 13: 38, 39 - The Gospel

Lazy Listeners - on being unaffected by the Word of God The Bible

Learn from Me - Christ as the great teacher for the Christian - Christ

Leaven - Four articles: "Leaven", "The Holy, the True", "Dealing with an Infection" and "Privilege and Responsibility"- The Assembly

Left Behind - on the partial rapture theory Things to Come

Leprosy - on its spiritual lessons - The Faith

Lessons from Lot - the history of Lot - The World

Living by Faith - Practical

Living Water- Miscellaneous

Loops of Blue - on being balanced- Miscellaneous

Lost in Generalities - on why a vague testimony is ineffective- Miscellaneous

Love for Christ- Devotional

Love not the World - the history of Lot The World

Love towards All the Saints - on partiality- The Assembly

                    Maranatha Things to Come

Matthew Character Studies

Mavericks or Party Men? - Miscellaneous

Mercy and Grace The Faith

Ministerial Muddles - on service, gift & clericalism Signs & Gifts

Moral Fitness - the moral condition suited to enlightenment in the things of God - Practical

Morality - on absolute and relative morality - Miscellaneous

Mordecai the Jew - on the need for entire submission to the Word of God The Bible

Music, Hymns & Youth- Practical

Mutuality - a characteristic of real fellowship - The Assembly

Naaman Character Studies

Neutrality - on the dangers of compromising fellowship - The Assembly

Nicodemus Character Studies

No more Conscience of Sins The Gospel

No Second Chance - on how the rapture cuts off salvation for some but not all - The Gospel

Not for All- The Assembly

Not Just Jesus - on addressing the Lord Jesus Christ- Christ

Not One of Us - The Assembly

Not Lawful - on John the Baptist and divorce - Practical

Not With Us- The Assembly

Numbers - comments on the reasons for declining numbers- The Assembly

Obadiah - as contrasted with Elijah The World

Obedience at All Costs- Miscellaneous

Obedience The Holy Spirit

Observed Unawares - on the little-known fact that angels watch Christian behaviour- Miscellaneous

One Assembly - five articles: "One Assembly", "Just One Company", "One Church or Two?", "The Assembly and the Assemblies" and "In Each City".- The Assembly

One Authority - on the authority of Scripture - The Bible

One Day - on one day in the life of the Lord Jesus Christ - Devotional

One People - on colour prejudice - Practical

Opinions or Truth? The Faith

Other Christians - On how Christians should regard other believers with whom they are not ecclesiastically linked - Practical

Our Greatest Need - on the knowledge of God The Faith

Our Hope - on how Christ is the Christian's proper hope - Things to Come

Our True Hope - on the coming of the Lord for His saints - Things to Come

Outside the Camp - on what it means- The Assembly

Outside the Camp - a second, different article to the previous - The Assembly

Paul's Ministry in Acts - Miscellaneous

Peerless The Bible

Personal- Miscellaneous

Pharaoh's Negotiations - on Compromise- Miscellaneous

Plain Preaching- Evangelism

Plain Scripture - some practical issues and what the Bible says about them- Miscellaneous

Possession - Practical

Powerful Doctrine- Evangelism

Practical Christianity - on what the Scriptures say as to it - Practical

Praise and Pride - two articles: "Praise and Pride" and "The Danger of Pride"- Practical

Precious in the Lord - on death and the Christian - Practical

Precious Prophecy - on the value of prophecy Things to Come

Present Ministry- Miscellaneous

Profession and Practice - on the history of Samson The World

Profitable Study - on interpretation & application - Practical

Providence or Faith? - a comparison The Faith

Questions - on how young and old should approach questions - Practical

Real Fellowship - includes a second article "Spiritual Fellowship"- The Assembly

Redemption The Gospel

Repentance - Is it Relevant? The Gospel

Sabbaths and Sundays - on distinguishing between the Sabbath and the Lord's Day- Miscellaneous

Satisfaction- Devotional

Satisfied Saints- Practical

Saving Faith - also includes a second article "Saving faith - What is it?" The Gospel

Science or Scripture - on the superiority of the latter- Creation

Separation - Practical

Serviceable to Him - on sanctification The Faith

Sickness - on God's lessons through sickness for the believer and the unbeliever - Practical

Sighing and Crying - on having a right attitude to the ungodliness of Christendom. - Miscellaneous

Sins - Covered or Gone? The Gospel

Sins taken Away - on the type of the scapegoat being fulfilled in Israel. Things to Come

Soul Winning- Evangelism

Sound Preaching - on the centrality of God's righteousness in the Gospel - The Gospel

Sovereign Mercy - on God's sovereignty and Man's responsibility - The Faith

Sowing and Reaping- Evangelism

Speaking for God- Evangelism

Spend and be Spent - the effect of grace practically- Practical

Spiritual Diagnosis - on discerning what is the issue that prevents a soul from coming to Christ - Evangelism

Stance and State - on how a correct ecclesiastical condition may not correspond with one's moral and spiritual state - the Assembly

Sunshine- Devotional

Sweat - what it teaches about sin - Miscellaneous

Tactless Testimony - on how the Bible does not flatter man - The Bible

Tale-Bearing- Practical

Teenage Dilemma - young people face many decisions. This is the most important one of all. The Gospel

That's Only Your Interpretation! The Bible

The Absence of Christ - Devotional

The Advocate - on the advocacy of Christ - The Faith

The Age Old Question of Elders - what the Bible teaches about elders, bishops & overseers Signs & Gifts

The Ark of the Testimony - on the testimony of Christ- Evangelism

The Armour of God- Practical

The Beginning and the End - comparing Genesis & Revelation- Miscellaneous

The Blessed Hope - Things To Come

The Blood of Atonement The Gospel

The Book and the Soul - on how ministry must be from the Bible to the Soul The Bible

The Brazen Serpent - on the teaching of - The Gospel

The Christian Priesthood - The Faith

The Christian and the State - Practical

The Church Gone Grey - The Assembly

The Church in Ruins - The Assembly

The Church's Path - The Assembly

The Cost - on the cost of coming to Christ - The Evangelism

The Cross - Devotional

The Dark Ages - on the loss of Scriptural knowledge in the modern era - The Faith

The Divine Servant - Devotional

The Divine Registry - on the list of names in Ezra 2 - Miscellaneous

The End of the Lord - The Lord's end (or objective) in his dealings with Job and its relevance to the Gospel - The Gospel

The Enigma of Eternal Life The Faith

The Faith Once Delivered The Faith

The Fall: Fact or Fiction? The Gospel

The Fantasy of Free Will The Faith

The Father's Love God & Father

The First Genealogy - also includes "The Last Genealogy" and "The Thousand Years"- Miscellaneous

The First Prophet and His Prophecy - on Abel and the Gospel - The Gospel

The First Resurrection The Faith

The Food of Life - Christ in His death as food for the soul (John 6) - Christ

The Evangelist - on his relationship to the Assembly - Evangelism

The Good Way The Bible

The Gourd and The Gospel - lessons from Jonah on human comfort versus evangelical need - Evangelism

The Gospel and It's Presentation - in relation to God's sovereignty and Man's responsibility The Gospel

The Gospel in the Gospels plus a sequel: My Gospel - on Paul's Gospel - The Gospel

The Guest Chamber - The Assembly

The Heart - two articles The Gospel

The Hidden Manna - on how our lives here as Christians affects our place in the hereafter - Things to Come

The Holy Scriptures - The Bible

The Hope - on the hope of the Christian: Christ's coming again Things to Come

The Incarnation - on the Word become flesh - Christ

The Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of the Heavens The Kingdom

The Knowledge of the Father God & Father

The Land of Promise - on why Israel must be restored to the land - Things to Come

The Laying on of Hands Signs & Gifts

The Lion's Den - Daniel Character Studies

The Lord Himself - Things To Come

The Lord Jesus Christ - on the titles & names of Christ- Christ

The Lord's Day - Practical

The Lord's Table and the Lord's Supper- The Assembly

The Lord Told Me - on how true guidance is in accord with the Bible- Miscellaneous

The Love of Jesus- Devotional

The Messiah - on the prophecies concerning the Christ - Christ

The Might of Death - how the Devil has the might of death The Faith

The Ministry of Women - Practical

The Missing Bondslave - Devotional

The Mixed Multitude - on those whose profession does not match the reality - The World

The Mother of Jesus - on Mary Character Studies

The Mystery - The Assembly

The Need of the Day The Bible

The New Man - on what Scripture teaches as to the new man (in contrast to the old man etc.) - The Faith

The Numbers of the Book - on the spiritual teaching contained in the numbers 1 - 13 - Miscellaneous

The Oldest Lesson - on Job - Miscellaneous

                    The Olive Tree Mystery - Israel and the nations Things to Come

The Outline - on having an outline of sound words The Bible

The Parable of the Unforgiving Bondman - on Matthew 18 - Miscellaneous

The Path - on following Christ in this world - Miscellaneous

The Power of Preaching - includes "The Power of Testimony" - Evangelism

The Preacher of the Gospel - the marks of a true Preacher of the Gospel - Evangelism

The Prisoner of Hope Things to Come

The Promises of God - Miscellaneous

The Pure Word The Bible

The Purpose of Tongues Signs & Gifts

The Question of the Angels - why the Gap theory is actually fact - Creation

The Red Heifer - an explanation of the type - The Faith

The Returned Remnant - lessons from the Old Testament for today- The Assembly

The Satan Myth - on some misconceptions about the Devil- Miscellaneous

The Scarlet Thread - on Rahab's deliverance - The Gospel

The School of Christ- Miscellaneous

The Sermon on the Mount - on the need to understand that this is not Christianity - Things to Come

The Seven Pillars of Wisdom - seven vital points in the life of Christ - Christ

The Seven Sayings at the Well - The Lord's dealings with the Samaritan woman in John 4 - The Gospel

The Shekel of the Sanctuary The Bible

The Sin against the Holy Spirit - The Holy Spirit

The Son of God- Christ

The Spirit's Mission The Holy Spirit

The Spirit's Work - The work of the Holy Spirit in relation to the Gospel - The Gospel

The Swallows are Gone - on being ready for Christ Things to Come

The Telescope - as illustrating the true nature of faith - The Gospel

The Times of the Signs - By David Noble. This online booklet is not strictly part of the Judev3 website, but I am very happy to host it on the author's behalf. Signs & Gifts

The Truth as it is in Jesus - on how everything must be evaluated in the light of Him - Christ

The True Centre- The Assembly

The True Picture - the Law & the real state of man The Faith

The True Yoke- Practical

The Ultimate Sacrifice - On Abraham offering up Isaac- Devotional

The Unread Bible The Bible

The Unread Book - The Bible

The Victor - on how Christ has won the victory over death - Practical

The Virgin Birth- Christ

The Way back to God - on Cain & Abel - The Gospel

The Way of Peace - The Faith

The Way to the City  - on false roads to heaven The Gospel

The Way to Unity - includes a second article "Unity"- The Assembly

The Word - on the emphasis on the Scriptures in the second epistle to Timothy - The Bible

The World The World

The Writing on the Wall The Bible

This thing is from Me - Devotional

Thou and Thy House - on Christian households - Practical (also see article below)

Thou and Thy House - on how God identifies a man's household with that man - The Faith (also see article above)

Thoughts on Fellowship - The Assembly

Thoughts on the Ark - on how the ark of the covenant is a type of Christ - Christ

Three Impossibilities - on eternal security. Also includes a second article "Saved Today - Saved Forever" The Faith

Three Musts - Worship

Three Views - Practical

Thy Word The Bible

Times & Seasons - Things to Come

Time to Pray - Practical

Timidity - for believers who lack courage - Practical

To Fight or Flee - on the enemies of the Christian- Miscellaneous

To Speak or not to Speak - on the role of women in the Assembly- The Assembly

Tradition Versus Scripture The Bible

Trials- Practical

True Devotion- Devotional

Two Loves - on fellowship and the difference between brotherly love and agape love - The Assembly

Two Men - on the history of first man and the second man as set out in the book of Genesis and the Gospel of John - Miscellaneous

Two Preachers - comparing the preaching of Noah and Lot- Evangelism

Two Sinners - on the Pharisee and the Publican (or tax-gatherer) - The Gospel

Two Snares - on the individual and the collective- Miscellaneous

Two Veils Not One - the veil of the temple and the veil of the tabernacle and our approach to God - Worship

Two Ways - Cain & Abel. Also includes a second article entitled "Two Prisoners" on the Butler and the Baker. The Gospel

Two Worlds - God's world contrasted with man's world - The World

Types - what they are, and how they should be used - Miscellaneous

Unity and the Gospel The Gospel

Unto Him - The Assembly

Waiting on the Lord - on Isaiah 40: 1 - Practical

Was it Worthwhile? - on the value of soul-work- Evangelism

We Call on Him - on how the Old Testament practice of calling on the name of Jehovah is continued in Christianity by calling on the name of the Lord Jesus - Worship

We Know - On how Christians are marked by certainty of knowledge - Miscellaneous

What Denomination do you belong to? - The Assembly

What is Love? - on love according to the Bible - The Faith

What is My Work? - Practical

What is Revival? - also includes 'Three Revivals'- Evangelism

What is Your Object? - Devotional

What Think Ye Of Christ? - what people said about Christ- Christ

What's in a Name - on Isaiah's name- Miscellaneous

Where did HE live - Where do YOU live? - Devotional

Where is He? - Miscellaneous

Who Do You Believe? The Faith

Whose Sins did Christ Bear? - and why this is fundamental to a true understanding of the Gospel. The Gospel

Why was Christ baptised? Christ

Will YOU be judged at the Judgement Seat of Christ? Things to Come

Winter- Miscellaneous

Worldly Honours - on why Daniel rebuffed Belshazzar - The World

Worship- Worship

Ye Must be Born Anew - on new birth The Gospel

Young Men- Practical

Your Faith Increases Exceedingly The Faith

Youth Work- The Assembly

Zeal- Miscellaneous